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Beaver Chili

People have been eating Beaver meat for a very long time. It has a strong flavor and some people don’t care for it. I have found that I prefer to have my Beaver meat ground up and cooked into meals that use a lot of spices. 231 more words

"The Woodworker"

He’s “The Woodworker”… and he’s a natural.

Beavers are extraordinary creatures. They mate for life; they are brilliant architects; and both the male and female share the raising of their young. 53 more words

An Orphaned Baby Beaver. In A Sink.

Don’t fret! This little critter is in good paws er, hands- at ARC for Wildlife in East Texas. Images c/o KB.

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To cute for words!

things you see at dawn

Green Heron and North American Beaver two weeks ago in Reinstein Woods at sunrise.


Beaver - Cold Hands (Review)

Beaver are from Poland and play Hardcore.

This short 15 minute EP features 6 tracks of emotive Hardcore with Screamo-style vocals.

The Screamo style is not for everyone, of course, but here the vocals are ably performed and don’t cross the line into annoying as they can sometimes do with similar bands. 74 more words


Lips, Teeth, Lips Again.

A beaver has an interesting mouth.

Beavers have a set of lips behind its front teeth!

That’s the opposite on human…we have our lips before our teeth.  21 more words


The beaver (Castor spp.) is a known ecosystem engineer that modifies its environment quite drastically. It builds a dam and raises floodwaters into surrounding forests, killing trees, and releasing organic material into riverine systems and lakes. 741 more words