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Tinder Musings

I swiped right

Cause I wanna

Eat soup with you

In the company of octopuses.

Savage Henry is on the loose again

There is a sign that says… 44 more words


Tuesday sketch Oct 28th 2014

Hiya! Sorry again for the late entry, I’m thinking I may have to move Tuesday sketch to another day, it doesn’t seem like a day of the week I have time to be able to sit down and write this out. 166 more words

Reintroduction of extinct keystone species - which ecosystems should we restore?

Extinctions are a natural part of species history, but for example habitat fragmentation, habitat loss, alien species, hunting and competition with humans have accelerated the rate of extinctions. 852 more words


Keystone Species

The 4th edition of the Oxford Dictionary of ecology defines a keystone species as “a species that has a disproportionally strong influence within a particular ecosystem, such that its removal results in severe destabilisation of the ecosystem and can lead to further species losses.” 354 more words

Aber Uni

Jaja Soze Interviews Former Brixton Gang Girl Tracey Miller (Video)

I have said in previous posts that I do understand why some people may have a problem with Tracey, because she does come across as being quite nonchalant (body language and tone of voice) when discussing her past.  244 more words

UK News

Zombeavers - A Fantastic New Horror Film

As regular readers of this blog know I very rarely do film reviews – however, I have just seen one of the greatest horror comedy films I have ever seen and wanted to share it. 341 more words


Where Has Sarah's Beaver Been?

Sarah’s Beaver got wet this week…it was raining.  Get your mind out of the gutter. She visitied a new thing in Seattle that some 4000 people have used in it’s first week. 320 more words