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A little, minor, weight-loss writing.

I’m avoiding work right now. But, this might count because blogging is social media.

I think I’ve done approximately 1.2 hours of my actual job today. 410 more words

Murrieta protesters turn immigrant buses around at Border Patrol

I am surprised that the Border Patrol did not take them to NAF El Centro.
A dump like that is closer to the border for easy return of the border jumping scum bags.


Because I Can

Because it's Friday and I feel like shamelessly plugging my current favorite movie

Have some glorious Captain America: The Winter Soldier posters!

(In my defense, each image links out to the CA Facebook page. SEE? I MADE IT RELEVANT!)
Just For Fun

I Want to See Blood!

My sister, Karen, was four years older than me. As a result anytime mama was at work or out for any reason Karen was left in charge. 516 more words

There was only one catch and that was Catch -22

I first read this book 46 years ago when I was 13 and in the 8th grade. We were in West Germany. Dad was a DOD contract employee working on the installation of the Autovon system. 29 more words

Because I Can

Well, I Never Thought Such a Good Result

Could feel so much like a loss. Gutted by that Portuguese dagger at the end. But then, we stole a game with a similar strike. Soccer is a cruel game, but it often has a certain wicked symmetry.  213 more words