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Have to Admit, This is One Show That Keeps Getting Better

And they actually balance ‘realism’ and superhero well. Arrow has consistently improved over its run, and I want in on this season. No doubt.

Oh, cool trailer too. 13 more words

Speculative Fiction

Paris's Kristallnacht

This was the first time since World War II that an anti-Semitic pogrom took place in France.

Almost all French politicians adopt an attitude of appeasement toward the enemies of Israel and Jews. 189 more words

Because I Can

Niece's Wedding

Ashlee Luque, My Niece became Mrs. Michael Quick on 20 July 2014.

Family and Friends came from Near and Far to Celebrate.

Mrs. ORPO made the cake and it was awesome!

Because I Can

Candy Crushing My WAY TO THE TOP!!!!

Seriously though, what’s up with that game? Is it made of…. addictive substances or something? I’m downloading it now…. On my new phone… That I still have no idea how to use properly. 130 more words

A little, minor, weight-loss writing.

I’m avoiding work right now. But, this might count because blogging is social media.

I think I’ve done approximately 1.2 hours of my actual job today. 410 more words

Murrieta protesters turn immigrant buses around at Border Patrol

I am surprised that the Border Patrol did not take them to NAF El Centro.
A dump like that is closer to the border for easy return of the border jumping scum bags.


Because I Can

Because it's Friday and I feel like shamelessly plugging my current favorite movie

Have some glorious Captain America: The Winter Soldier posters!

(In my defense, each image links out to the CA Facebook page. SEE? I MADE IT RELEVANT!)
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