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32″ x 64″ acrylic on canvas

A Christian Nation? Another Thought

As I sit at my desk, listening to some beautiful choral music by Vaughan Williams, my mind has continued to mull questions of whether the UK and the US can be called “Christian nations.” It occurs to me that the music of the West grows out of the Church, not out of the ancient Greco-Roman culture. 220 more words

Parvovirus: This Can Kill Your Dog in Less Than 72 Hours

If you’re a dog owner, you probably know that canine parvovirus is a very serious disease seen primarily in unvaccinated puppies and immunocompromised dogs.  It is highly contagious and can be fatal.  

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Hambone hambone

Greetings from rainy Berlin, MA and a hoppy Easter to you all!

I guess it’s not quite Easter yet. It’s late this year. Even though it’s been eternally winter, I’m ready. 718 more words


style and structure - according to Berger

There are a lot of books about academic writing out there. And I buy a lot of them too! The majority of academic writing books are written by people who are in academic development or writing instruction; others work in ordinary discipline-based teaching and researching jobs but have developed a writing specialism (like me). 924 more words

Pat Thomson

day night passing

33″ x 33″ acrylic on canvas