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I secretly save the best for myself – my messy beautiful

The boy across the street is incomparably generous. He lets Jo borrow all manner of toys for weeks on end. He often intones, “I have soooo many toys. 474 more words

Becoming A Mother

You write?

Almost three years ago, I had this inkling to write a book.  Now, I don’t have any professional writing experience and my major in college had nothing to do with writing.   95 more words

Mother's day

I don’t think I was ever prepared to be a mummy. I was looking forward to it since I was a child. I always imagined being a mummy, but nothing really prepares you for that emotional journey of being a stay at home mum. 163 more words

Crawling, Climbing and Clinging

My little girl is 8.5 months now. She has mastered crawling, and zooms amazingly quick to where she wants to go. In fact, at the very sight of me, she drops whatever she is doing and wiggles her way towards me. 242 more words


Celebrating Motherhood - and Why we Need to do it More.

I’m writing this almost a week away from Mothering Sunday, or what many call ‘Mother’s Day’. The two events however are quite different, although in modern society they are viewed as one and the same. 1,376 more words


Ashes to Stardust

There’s a woman somewhere who sometimes wishes she still smoked, so she could stare at the stars. Because ever since she quit, she hasn’t once just sat on her back porch and stared off into the night sky. 523 more words


What's new with me...

Where do I begin? It’s been so long since my last login that it took several tries before I could actually log in. (Yikes)  I swear, I have a million and one thoughts running through my head.   237 more words