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It was time for a nap and I was preparing Emma for it as per the routine. I was tired as usual, physically and mentally. I wasn’t looking for a real shut-eye period, but more so of just alone time to finish up whatever I needed to do before she wakes up.  693 more words

Becoming A Mother

Free Clinic VS Private Clinic

My baby is fast asleep. So do my husband. And I am still awake, due to my current weird sleeping hours. I had few attempts to update my blog but I was too occupied, till now. 557 more words


"They Say It's Your Birthday"

Not Just Another Friday Letter To My Kids

Dear J, J, L and L,

It’s my birthday today, which I’m not much thrilled about. I don’t mind adding another year to my rap sheet; it’s just that I don’t like all the hullaballoo and attention. 459 more words


Becoming A Mother

  Synonyms for become: transform, change, passage, metamorphosis, development, evolution, alteration.

All of these words apply in their own way as I move through the journey of pregnancy. 306 more words

Becoming A Mother

The life and times of primal me

Imagine this. You are quietly observing a bird’s nest. The Mother bird tenderly places a worm into the tiny beak of her young. She nuzzles the top of her baby’s wing as if to encourage a big gulp. 373 more words