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Back to the mountains

I flew out of New Orleans on Thursday, there have been tears. Lots of them. I feel like I don’t know who I am here, or maybe it’s that I really am nobody here? 314 more words


The Look

He kissed me, then he looked into my eyes & it felt like he could see through me. Like he could see inside, all of my good, all of my bad, like he saw it all and still wanted more. 235 more words


Sweet nothings

Hanging out at my favorite local bar with my favorite bartender, who I’ve had a bit of a flirtation with all summer. At some point while we were chatting, he says, “You’re so well adjusted! 52 more words

Becoming Me

Finding Me

When I was a teenager and growing up I was always pretty sure of who I was, where I was headed and the path I was on, then I got into a very negative relationship where I was beaten down and forced into a mold of what someone else wanted me to be, while still in this very unhealthy relationship I also found myself in another very abusive and soul breaking experience that mentally shattered me, after getting out of both of these unhealthy situations I was extremely lost, I had been stripped bare of everything I was and I didn’t know the girl I used to be or the path I was on, I was a stranger to myself. 178 more words