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Emancipation Month

I always seem to escape  the worst things in my life in October: October 6 is the anniversary of my divorce being officialized. October 8 is the anniversary of evicting my biological parents from my life. 320 more words


September Reflection

To be honest, I’ve been dreading this post. I am not going to lie to all you faithful readers, I failed this month. I didn’t accomplish all my goals. 440 more words

The Becoming Me Project

Moving at the speed of a well-lit turtle!

As of last night, all of my graduate school applications have been turned in. I need to send a fax (really, who faxes anymore??) because I apparently didn’t sign one of the pages needed to request a transcript sent (from the only school left in the US that makes you order transcripts by Snail Mail.) And I need to send in packets of supplementals to the 3 schools that wanted official transcripts instead of just uploading unofficials (some schools don’t make you pay for officials until you’ve been invited to interview.) 532 more words

Becoming Me

Being Big

They need me to be a butterfly,

I need to hide;

they need me to see color,

I am digging for roots.

My children stand beneath… 116 more words

Goody. This again.

While logging into old school accounts in order to gather up my unofficial transcripts for grad school applications, I for some reason thought to log into my old email address, the one from before… 1,537 more words