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Naked as the black

and shifting sea

spilt over the edges,


moon comes elbowing

into the room

taking over slices

of hardwood,

pieces of soul. 258 more words

Authentic Self

Why We Buried Our Awesomeness, and How We Can Get It Back - Dara Hoffman-Fox

Why We Buried Our Awesomeness, and How We Can Get It Back – Dara Hoffman-Fox.

Constance…I cannot even begin to tell you how thrilled I am to have made a new friend in Dara…I have admired her from afar for just about a year, and somehow knew that we would connect and work together?   82 more words

Gender Issues

Peeling Off the Layers

I saw this a couple days ago, floating around on Facebook. Sometimes it has more than just cute cat videos! Although I have to admit rather liking the one of the cat trying to get into a small kitty hammock *semi mischievous grin* 547 more words

Healing & Growing

Eldest is an epic read! But if you'd like to embark on this, start with reading Eragon (preceding book).

Eldest is part on a series called the Inheritance Cycle, with Eragon being the first book.  In my experience of reading Eldest, let alone Eragon, both books have captivated me.   346 more words



The Echeneis‘ – Magnetism of the North Pole -
vessel emanates a pull on fisherman & oar,
the boat itself a fish has unwittingly caught, 232 more words


Thinking about Society and the Social Processes of "Still Becoming."

“At one time, people imagined that the moon was a goddess. Today we have a more adequate, more realistic idea of the moon. Tomorrow it may be discovered that there are still elements of fantasy in our present idea of the moon, and people may develop a conception of the moon, the solar system and the whole universe still closer to reality than ours.” 759 more words


what but everything

seconds ago she asks…

“what have I done to deserve you?”

I do not have an answer for her…

only the same thought in return…