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My Fleece

So many times I have been drawn to the story of Gideon. So many times I heard of his cowardice. So many times I prayed God would give me courage, so that when He called, I would go without hesitation. 706 more words


The Painful Distinction of Doing and Being

*Image credit:  Gardner Edmunds

It’s December 17th today, I am sitting in my office (the Panera Bread location) and enjoying the high of just mailing the last of my christmas gifts.   1,178 more words


Advent Reflection: Keeping Watch, Becoming

With Christ’s spirit working within us we can be the means by which his saving work is extended throughout the world. We become his hands, his feet, his voice, and like Mary his mother, bring Christ into the world for others.

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Contemplative Prayer

LIFE is guided by a changing understanding of and interpretation of my experience. It is always in process of becoming.
~ Carl Rogers (1961), American Psychologist



Your broken songs wash ashore
recede into unconscious ocean;
syntax on the verge of exhaustion,
pulsating with climactic insistence.

My moods recreate the world
with nuances of a vague language; 31 more words


Solitary Sentries

Winter crept in

The trees standing

As solitary sentries

Through the night

Waiting for their wake up call

The silence echoing off the new fallen snow… 23 more words


The Struggle Between Emptiness and Psychological Becoming

We are always becoming or trying to become – more rich, more powerful, more secure, more spiritual or more happy? No matter what is our pursuit – mundane or exalted, there is always a thrust to become something more than what we are presently. 1,030 more words