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Lessons from New York: Part 1 (of many)

Please welcome my final guest blogger for #BEDJ, my hilarious friend Lindley! Lindley is living the glamorous life in New York City, working in journalism aka attending fabulous parties 24/7. 941 more words


Movie and shopping

Old What’s Her Face* wanted to do something today. Our standard fare is to go to a movie. What appealed to me was Planet of the Apes, (of course, I love science fiction.) Lucy, and Hercules. 459 more words

Purchases of Promise

Occasionally I get the idea that I’m going to be a different person than who I currently am and decide to invest in tangible objects that promise to help me become this new person who I am so sure I actually am deep down inside.   1,153 more words

Apts Of Eternal Christmas

Nutribullet Madness!

Okay, so since the whole juicing and smoothie fad started, I’ve heard people raving about different blenders, expensive juicers, so much fancy machinery and money spent just for a different way to ingest your fruits and veggies. 588 more words

St. Croix versus St. Thomas

Ok, so I can’t actually make a case for this because I was in St. Thomas on business and I did not get a chance to really go anywhere because I was in meetings all day in a windowless room.   556 more words

A Summer Porch Refresh

Well, I had originally intended to write about this a month ago… then summer happened. :) I love summer, but the time seems to slip by so quickly, and now we’re half way through summer and here I am just now blogging about my… 454 more words

Rocking chair cushions

Welcome to the category Rocking chair cushions pads. In this overview you will find our most popular upholstery, cushions and pads for rocking chairs. If requirements looking rocking chair to measure, you are right here. 845 more words

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