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Bed Bugs are on the attack

The illegal immigrants known as bed bugs have made it to the heartland and taken up residence. Stop them in their tracks. Call Guaranty Exterminating today. http://guarantyexterminating.com/pests

Bed Bugs

Don’t Tell Me I Don’t Know Oppression, I Have Bed Bugs

A couple of weeks ago, I woke up with a couple of itchy spots on my stomach and arms.

“Dried cum,” I thought to myself, dismissing it and going about my day. 616 more words

Bed Bug Safety Tips When Renting a Car

This blog article is written for all my fellow road warriors!  Years ago, when I had a job that required me to visit clients weekly, it seemed I was on a never ending carousel of airplanes, rental cars, and hotels. 387 more words

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The Bed Bugs that Came to Sunday Dinner

It started off like any other family dinner. We talked about life, everybody’s health, the status of the world and politics. Then my sister asked,  “So, what did you learn at Church today?” I was thinking I would hear a report on prayer or the importance of service. 174 more words

Man claims bed bugs bit him at Norfolk movie theater

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – A family claims they were bitten by bedbugs while out to see a movie in the theater at Military Circle Mall. 425 more words

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VIDEO: These Facts About Where You Sleep Will Keep You Up At Night!

All I can say after watching this is EWWW!

Check out this video about how unclean your bed really is!

Check out how many dust mites your bed probably has, why your mattress actually gains weight over time and why it’s probably best to leave your bed unmade after a good night’s sleep! 13 more words