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interceptación — anders a ‡

interceptación  stati alterati  estados alterados  estado diferente  interception intercettazione naturale natural Parallel parallelo paralelo Periferia afueras sound_ shannon phone_ Bed of Roses Podcast IX     more pics here

It Really Was a Different Time

Do you know how many times a week I say, It was a different time, when referring to some question Sunshine has?

We were watching a movie called Bed of Roses where a very adorable Christian Slater lightly stalked and ended up with an equally adorable Mary Stuart Masterson. 333 more words

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Dating Dilemmas…Singles Dating Agency considers when Bad’s too Bad.

Dating isn’t always the easiest of pursuits.  It involves being strong enough to face rejection,  brave enough to go back for more, confident enough to be judged, perhaps purely from a… 420 more words

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