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Sleeping in a tangled web of damp sheets.

You crept
into my bed
as i slept.
‘I wetted
The bed’
You wept.
I pulled your
Seven year old
Body to mine,
And whispered
‘baby girl
that’s fine’.

Creative Writing

Talk Science Tuesday- Replacing Proin with Copaiba Essential Oil for My Dogs Urinary Incontinence

For about three years, my dog Harley has had the embarrassing issue of bedwetting (urinary incontinence while she’s asleep). Even more embarrassing was the story of the first time it happened: my sophomore year in college, Harley and I were spending the night at a friend’s house (yes, I took my dog to sleepovers). 1,182 more words

Talk Science Tuesday

I love you Sonnyboy!

I keep my friends near
When I lay in my bed
A big ol’ stuffed bear
Right next to my head
A fierce grey wolf and lion… 187 more words


I wet the bed said Ned in his head

It is quite normal for children to wet the bed until six or seven years old. I wet the bed until I was twelve. I was beginning to think I would still be wetting the bed in high school. 735 more words


Bed wetting - How not to handle it.

Amelia has been dry at night for months and then when we were on holiday in Malta she wet the bed. I felt awful for her, but her fathers first reaction was to blame me for not putting her on the toilet before bed. 194 more words


Bed wetting paranoia... is just that? Or is it??!!?

This is perhaps the first post that AT might one day in her teen years actually be a bit pissed at me about. Please sweetheart, forgive me in advance and tell your therapist that I am not a monster. 310 more words