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There are alligators under your bed. Or: those aren't raisins they're flies.

My dad was a single parent. He did the best that he could with what he was given. He was given me. Poor guy.

I’m not going to go into my past in this story. 343 more words

Some Of Them Want To Abuse You

*This blog post may be a stressor or trigger if anyone has experienced bedwetting as a result of abuse*

When I was a young girl I used to wet my bed. 981 more words

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please can you all take a read of this fantastic heartfelt blog, written by a dear friend of mine in regards to diagnosis of her beautiful daughter! 7 more words

Could GLUTEN be causing your child's health problems?

Did you know that bed wetting (or day wetting), tummy aches, colic, not sleeping well, being a “difficult baby,” being cranky, having congestion, and fatigue can all point to a gluten intolerance? 206 more words

5 signs that your child may have been abused

You may be wondering that the signs listed below are common childhood afflictions but knowing how they are connected with a child that has been abused gives one more knowledge in helping that child get through this trauma and start to heal. 62 more words


Sleeping in a tangled web of damp sheets.

You crept
into my bed
as i slept.
‘I wetted
The bed’
You wept.
I pulled your
Seven year old
Body to mine,
And whispered
‘baby girl
that’s fine’.

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