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Anxiety, Oh How I Hate You

It has been two weeks since I binged last which is great for me, the new meds are working for now (thank goodness). My problem is, I have to have an operation on me knee this week and I drink energy drinks and im trying to cut down ( I also need to cut down on them) Ive been doing it gradually and have been doing great untill I got down to my desired amount, now my mind thinks im trying to torture it. 48 more words


24. October. 2014. 1:15am

Greetings Dreamers. My fellow snoozers. My sleepy-eyed-compadres. It is I, Clinton, back from what appears to be death. I realize that I am only typing into oblivion, but still, I sit, and I type. 478 more words

Nissan Titan Bed Extender | Titan Bed Extender

Nissan Titan Bed Extender ships FREE. The Titan bed extender from AMP Research available in 2 options for your Nissan Titan Cargo needs. The Titan Bed Extender from AMP Research makes your Titan Truck bed up to 2 feet longer for oversized cargo. 11 more words

Three Places To Sleep (2014)

1. Bed.
2. Tent.
3. Classroom.
Sleeping on the edge-
For athletes at University of North Carolina College.