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Thursday 27.11.14

Woke up to a damp morning but it was mild so I still cycled to the stables, turned out the horses then went home and had coffee before going to work, had a busy day in work and ended up working my lunch, came home finished cooking dinner and then chilled out with the family and when Lynne came home we all watched… 14 more words

Every Day Stuff

I spent the whole day in bed.
Not for a cold.
‘Twas for my head.
Sometimes my head feels dead
And I spend the whole day in bed.


To Ward Off Sadness

The snow is here, and frigid winds are too
I’m not a fan of cold, that much is true
It’s far too easy to be sad and blue… 184 more words



You already know which edibles to avoid before bedtime—namely, alcohol, coffee and sugary desserts (all the good stuff!). But it might surprise you to learn that there actually are some foods that you can eat for a better slumber. 687 more words

I know where I am found.

I was telling Chris last night that Thanksgiving is the ultimate binge eater holiday. It’s the one time of year people are expected to binge, therefore we can fit in among the masses. 467 more words



I roll over and smell my bedsheets and they are so sweet
The smell is not of someone who used to lie here but of my own skin… 31 more words


Dear Danboard

Danbo is a fictional cardboard box robot character from a Japanese manga. It is also known by Danboard. The model figure is plastic, has movable joints, light up eyes and stands around 5” tall.  20 more words