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Bed Bugs & Dust Mites

Bed Bugs

What are bed bugs?

Bed bugs have been found to look like small, oval brown insects that are found in beds. These bugs have flat bodies the size of an apple seeds. 393 more words

Exceptionally aroused...

Today, during this morning, I’m exceptionally aroused. I want to feel a body caressing my own.
I want to feel strong hands around my sensitive neck, my wrists, my ankles. 200 more words


BBC News - Winchester woman finds 3ft wasp nest on bed

A Hampshire pest controller said he took on “the biggest job of his career”, after being called to deal with a nest of more than 5,000 wasps. 168 more words


On comfort and stress

A few weeks ago, I left work early* after two unpleasant, consecutive interactions with a couple of people who really should have known better. My colleagues were very supportive and allowed me space to talk about what happened (the irony wasn’t lost on me that talking about what I was feeling sparked this particular incident in the first place!), I was seething. 1,574 more words

Simply Living


I’m drunk and I am laying alone on my bed listening to “Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin'” by Journey. I originally searched for a cover on Spotify and didn’t immediately find anything that wasn’t instrumental so I settled for the original, but HOLY SHIT. 127 more words

Green Milk Paint Bed

Well!… that was quite a stretch, wasn’t it? I didn’t intend to drop of the face of the blogging earth for all eternity but yet that’s what happened. 426 more words