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The Dog At His Heels

For part one of this story you will need to read here.

Dogs do not generally get a great press in the bible.

Why is that? 572 more words

Quirks Of History

Tuesday 29.07.14

Woke up to a dull morning, had coffee in bed then went out for a bike ride before going to work and got home just as it started to rain, had a busy day in work and the day went quick, got home cooked dinner and then spent the evening reading and listening to music

Every Day Stuff

Normal? What's That?

Back to Life
After an especially long and exhausting drive or flight, a grueling week at work, or a mind-numbing exam period — what’s the one thing you do to feel human again? 269 more words

Word Press Challenges

Cell Phone Catches Bed On Fire Of Sleeping Teen [PICS]

Sometimes we all nod off while we’re using our phones and wake up with the phone buried in the blankets on our bed. That’s what happened to his teen and her phone caught fire and melted under her pillow! 149 more words


Upholstered Headboard, revisited

I realized today that I never updated the blog with the completed upholstered headboard. To give it a finished touch, I hammered in bronze furniture nails… 162 more words

Interior Decorating

IN BED WITH CHANISE style by Eccentrik

I styled Tv Presenter Chanise Thompson for her new tv show “In Bed With Chanise ” it was a fun day I had limited outfits to work with but I think I made what I had work…..the name of the show set the theme for the Photoshoot this show is Pg show despite the name..lol so I had to bare that in mind when styling her . 16 more words