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Camping with Peggy

Camping with Peggy is such fun.  I don’t think there are many subjects we haven’t discussed.  We are both avid readers, both love time together and time to ourselves, she loves my dogs and likes my husband – and loves the outdoors.    356 more words


Turquoise Bedroom Tips

What is interesting if you have turquoise bedroom tips? Yes. You will have a lot of ideas to transform the area into an exotic design and style. 33 more words

Textile Decoration Bedroom

April 24, 2014   Kids Room Ideaas  
Summer time brings new collections of house textiles , the proposed texture Interiors is called Côte d’Azur, I current the new coordinated for decorating bedrooms . 9 more words

Decorating Ideas

Loft Bedroom Suggestions

Please feel of loft bedroom tips because it is the correct choice if you have restricted space. Even so, it is not the only reason. Maybe, you have a space over the ceiling, and still do not know for what it is. 23 more words

Straight Forward Bedroom Design In Black&White By Geometrix by Iondecorating

Geometrix Style completed a black&white bedroom which showcases a straight forward strategy, regardless of its complicated array of textures and finishes. If you recall the studio’s earlier project, a specific living room with futuristic detailing completed for a family members… … 6 more words

Daily Ideas

Bedroom Interior Layout Ideas Inspired By Summer Time Feelings

Summer loves to provoke us to alter – in our appearance, at property, in the garden, but this is no information, appropriate?

But giving in to the pleasant feelings that inevitably accompany the search for concepts and buying mania followed by hypermarkets and community stores at a time … … 7 more words

Living Within Nature

So simple and so beautiful. I’d live like this if I could.

Would you?