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Does Bleach Work For Blood?

Nolan woke up as he had a million times before: covered in blood. His only solace was that at least he was in his own bed this time. 320 more words

I'm In Bed

” I’m in bed ”  I don’t think so Before I get into that let’s deal first with the grammar here  Saying ” I”m in  bed “is similar to the way Brits  speak when they say “I’m in hospital” What happened to the use of that article of speech the word ” the” So I’m thinking it should be ” I’m in my bed or a bed or the bed ” The second piece is NO you are not in your bed That would be impossible You’d have to be positioned somewhere between the mattress and the bed frame and I don’t think that possible probable or likely If you are under the covers a quilt sheets or a blanket you are still not in your bed a bed or the bed “cause those things are the bedding and not the bed or a bed You know I’m getting tired I think I should go to bed


Welcome to Bed

There are so many websites and blogs out there about motivation and life enrichment and “being a better you.”  Well, what if you’re tired of that?  134 more words


Sleep paralysis last night

Hi, last night I had a little sleep paralysis apon waking. I was coming out of a dream where my grandma and brother was down stairs and there were having some food that I wanted. 174 more words