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The Experience Economy, Stupid!

When my book launched in February 2013, I often referred to my children’s picture book Gia and Lincoln’s Aggravating Allergies as my third child. Conception, gestation, labor and delivery were painfully slow, but I finally got the book to market. 980 more words


Bedtime Stories: Glorious for all of 2 minutes . . .and then the fighting starts.

I remember being pregnant with my first son. I was sure of a lot of things. I was sure that I would never let him sleep in my bed, bribe him to be on his best behaviour or lose my cool during a temper tantrum. 512 more words


TEDDY TRAVELS - Where do Teddies go?

Teddy Travels – Where do Teddies go?  This childrens books help where there has been a recent loss that a child finds difficult to comprehend. It is written in rhyme and the describes the adventures Teddies when they go missing. 48 more words

Bed Time Stories

Blow Away - Helping children let go of bad feelings.

Blow Away – A simple story told in rhyme about a boy who has comes across a lady who gives balloons to children and helps them free the “bad” feelings that they may have. 48 more words

Bed Time Stories