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The Fox and the Duck

A cunning fox saw a duck with a large gold coin. He decided it would be better in his possession and so he gave the duck a visit. 138 more words


The Horse and The Chicken

A chicken who was very scared of everything wanted to become brave. So he asked the farm horse: ‘ How can I become brave, sir horse?’ 104 more words


The Cat and The Frog

There was once a very clever cat who wanted to eat a frog. She decided the best way to catch him was to set a trap. 150 more words


Bedtime stories (week 4 - 2015)

We didn’t have a bedtime story on Monday because we went shopping with Sarah for a warm winter coat, ready for our holiday to Chicago. We ended up accidentally being out until really late. 562 more words

Toddler Fun

Bump in the Night by Edward Hemingway (2008)

Billy isn’t really afraid of the dark.  But when something goes BUMP in the night it can only mean that there is something inside his closet.  138 more words


The Turtle and the Boulder

A long time ago in the old forest there was a small village. Every week the villagers would go to the market to buy and sell. 144 more words


Little Mouse and His Brother

Little mouse was sitting with his brother near a warm fire. It was night time and he was very much afraid of the dark. All of a sudden there was a knock at the door. 92 more words