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Bedtime Story no. 821 | "...in case it's him"

I drink all night and think about solar systems colliding, about your skin and bath tubs, taking off all our clothes. You sit far off, invisible, but I follow your scent through locked rooms where you wait on the soft mattress of my memory. 317 more words


Nighttime Prayer

God of heaven, God of light
    guide the dreams I dream tonight
God of slumber, God of sleep
    give me hope that I can keep… 26 more words


The Lights In The Sky, Part 1

The Lights In The Sky, 1

A Children’s Epic by G. Z. Kieft

Once upon a time,

In a magical kingdom far away,
Ruled by a King and Queen who loved their land, 431 more words


Goldilocks and the Clara Bear

Izzy and her Daddy camped out in the garden again on Sunday night – as a treat for Izzy filling her reward chart. Clara and I joined them for bedtime story and Izzy told us a jumbled up tale of the three bears, after declaring that she was goldilocks. 92 more words

The Top 5 Most Expensive Music Videos Of All Time

Sources: Forbes – By Hugh McIntyre | All Things Michael

Of all the expensive music videos made over time (and there are quite a few… 603 more words

Michael Jackson

The Girl Who Flew Away

The grass a glossy emerald green,
beneath an azure sky;
the breeze was blowing to and fro,
a noontime in July.

The birds were singing melodies… 338 more words


Health Tips for Kids

Parents today, need to think about keeping their kids healthy the natural way to combat various health problems. Here are some health tips for kids, which parents need to use to keep the child in good health. 728 more words

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