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The Babadook Review

While the debate goes on about female roles in mainstream movies, women continue to kill it – literally and figuratively – in genre films. On the second day of the 2014 Berlin Fantasy Filmfest, audiences were treated to consecutive screenings of a trio of strong flicks with an actress in the lead role, two of which also have a female director/screenwriter behind the projects. 547 more words


Bedtime Story no. 821 | "...in case it's him"

I drink all night and think about solar systems colliding, about your skin and bath tubs, taking off all our clothes. You sit far off, invisible, but I follow your scent through locked rooms where you wait on the soft mattress of my memory. 317 more words


Nighttime Prayer

God of heaven, God of light
    guide the dreams I dream tonight
God of slumber, God of sleep
    give me hope that I can keep… 26 more words


The Lights In The Sky, Part 1

The Lights In The Sky, 1

A Children’s Epic by G. Z. Kieft

Once upon a time,

In a magical kingdom far away,
Ruled by a King and Queen who loved their land, 431 more words


Goldilocks and the Clara Bear

Izzy and her Daddy camped out in the garden again on Sunday night – as a treat for Izzy filling her reward chart. Clara and I joined them for bedtime story and Izzy told us a jumbled up tale of the three bears, after declaring that she was goldilocks. 92 more words

The Top 5 Most Expensive Music Videos Of All Time

Sources: Forbes – By Hugh McIntyre | All Things Michael

Of all the expensive music videos made over time (and there are quite a few… 603 more words

Michael Jackson

The Girl Who Flew Away

The grass a glossy emerald green,
beneath an azure sky;
the breeze was blowing to and fro,
a noontime in July.

The birds were singing melodies… 338 more words