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Observations: The Five Best Scents of the Week

I love lists. It think this has to do with my lack of love for creative writing. Lists write themselves, which is really what I want. 250 more words


Awash in the Sea of Bee

Bee Balm that is.  I’ve yet to see any flowers blooming here other than a few hardy crocus (crocuses? croci?) and to tell the truth – I am jealous of everyone else who has had cooperative weather and are experiencing spring blooms galore.  42 more words


On Bergamot, Blackberry Leaf and Earl Grey Tea

Thank you Wikipedia for reminding us that these informative, pleasure-giving engravings are our COMMON heritage, ie, in the Commons!)


This morning on the radio: … 481 more words


Spring Garden, Year 2: Perennial buds, winter veg blossoms, and new projects

Spring is literally in full bloom in Portland. The cherries and other flowering trees that align my street are casting a pink and white glow. It reminds me of running in Central Park behind the Met. 356 more words

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Bee Balm

Bee Balm, or Monarda, is an old perennial species in the mint family. The herb is an old species, appearing in a book in 1574! Bee Balm is commonly known as a wild flower on the prairie, and it does produce fantastic blooms. 199 more words


Plant native trees, shrubs, flowers for the birds

I’m far from a landscaping expert. Anyone who has seen my jungle of a garden in the summer can attest to that. But I do know that using native trees, shrubs, bushes and flowers are the way to go. 236 more words

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A Few of My Favorite Things: Using Herbs as Companion Plantings

My favorite thing to plant in my yard are herbs.  They are easy to grow and have so many benefits, that I like to call them the gateway drugs of gardening.  458 more words

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