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Looks Like That Dim-Witted Boy From Up the Street is Discovering the Hornets' Nest Out Front

Hey. Hey, Mary. Take a look at this. Come here. Over by the window. See there? It looks like that dim-witted Baderman boy from up the block is about to discover that hornets’ nest out front. 340 more words


Craig Morgan sits with Steve and Nina at KMLE Country Thunder 2014

Even though the video was playing all day long in the KMLE Condo at KMLE Country Thunder, we never noticed the bump on Craig’s forehead and now we can’t stop seeing it.

Steve And Nina

Where do I even begin...

Hey, I’m Caitlyn! I don’t really know what I’m doing writing a blog or who would even want to read it. I’m not some famous celebrity or someone with a crazy, exciting life. 826 more words


The Worst Places To Get Stung By A Bee - In The Stupid News

A man accidentally travels using his girlfriend’s passport. Plus a graduate student conducts a study to find the worst place to be stung by a bee. 226 more words


Did A Guy Let Bees Sting Him In The Junk--In The Name of Science??

So…I guess…thank you??

A researcher at Cornell University wanted to find out the most painful place to get stung by a bee . . . so he let himself get STUNG five times a day for several WEEKS. 114 more words


Bee Sting

This combination of honey and straight bourbon is a variation of “The Bee’s Knees” but with extra sting!

Bee Sting
In a shaker full of ice add: 48 more words


Day 60: Breasts and Bee Stings

Wow. That has gone quick.

So today marks the halfway point of our trip, meaning that there are only two months left. I don’t want to go home! 1,558 more words