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20 Middle School Students Stung By Bees In Fort Worth

SAGINAW (CBSDFW.COM) – A group of students at Highland Middle School in Fort Worth was attacked by a swarm of bees on Tuesday.

Kristin Courtney with Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD says that approximately 20 6th-grade students were stung while outside on the soccer field for PE class. 236 more words



Hornets are less aggressive than many more frequently encountered wasp species. in spite of their fearsome reputation, they generally only sting in defence of their nest or when something picks them up and their stings are no more dangerous to humans than a wasp’s. 38 more words


The Birds and the Bees

Except, well, no birds. Actually, yes, there were birds, chirping and singing and generally being adorable, but they have no impact on this story.

So yesterday, I went outside to read. 687 more words


The bee

It is Tuesday afternoon, and I am reading. After my awful childcare class, I went to the library with a degree of urgency. The reason for this urgency sits on the floor beside me, the subject of the occasional irate/sad glance – my laptop. 240 more words


1 Killed, 4 Injured After 800,000 Bees Attack

DOUGLAS, Arizona — A man in Arizona died after being stung more than an estimated 100 times.

An exterminator said based on the size of the hive, there were about 800,000 bees. 178 more words


Essential Oils (A guest post)

Today’s post is brought to you by my mom, who has recently started to discover the benefits of essential oils. We both came across them through a friend and my mom has really done her research. 408 more words


Emilie: Day 36/September 5. Nero Day at Lake Vaclav

Awake cold, around 8:00 am. Temperature at 47 degrees. Ellie checked in the night, says it got as low as 40 degrees! It’s still windy, but slowly the sun is warming the tent. 323 more words