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Evie and the "Bee"

Evie and I were swimming in the pool (or rather I was swimming and she was receiving a “dolphin-back ride”), when I heard something large buzzing around my head. 459 more words

Evie Update

Bee Sting Tramp Stamp

So the other day, for the first time ever, I was stung by a bee.  I got totally and completely freaked out and could talk of nothing else for the rest of the day.   734 more words

Roberta's Pizza

New York, like Chicago, is a haven for pizza lovers.  If you’re lucky, you’ll find the very best hiding somewhere amidst the $1 slices sold at lunch.   353 more words


The Bee Sting

I remember watching the hairy insect hovering over my shiny red can of soda. It landed lightly without haste, and veered toward the sweet dark liquid that swirled only inches away. 344 more words


Boundary Fatigue - Please Pardon the Electric Fence

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When I was a child, two things kept happening a lot. One, I seemed to always be stepping on bees and getting mercilessly stung. 509 more words

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Last Part of The Song

I decided to  finish up the last 2 verses of  “My Favorite Things”.   If Ellen and Candy have any photos to contribute, then I will redo it. 58 more words