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A real disappointment...

The new(ish) Ozzy Burgers on Bridge Road in Richmond has been on my mind for some time.

Given that I pass through that area quite a lot, I have been wanting to try their burgers for awhile, despite the fact the outfit looked like an eighties fish n’ chip shop. 279 more words

National Burger Day 2014

It’s no secret that Jeff and I love eating out and enjoy indulging in good burgers from time to time, so when tickets for the 2nd annual  821 more words


St Ali is not quite heavenly

St Ali Coffee Roasters burger was one of those frustrating burgers that had the potential to be amazing, but sadly a few things let it down. 217 more words

The Original 1975 menu promotion at Chili's, Powai

I’ll admit it quite freely: Mexican or Tex Mex are not my favourite cuisines. I’m completely indifferent to Margarita’s, nachos, fajitas and guacamole. I do like quesadillas, but only because they’re full of cheesy goodness, I won’t say no to a churro but the only dish I’ve truly fallen head over heels for is tres leches. 732 more words


Centennial Hotel – Woollahra

Now maybe this is just in my house but my dad, whenever there is some cleaning to be done, will head outside, seconds later we’ll hear the whining of the leaf blower. 790 more words

Restaurant Reviews

The Ultimate Burger: what's yours?

Sharon Jessup Joyce

No, I haven’t fallen into the sin of arrogance. This post’s title refers to the search for the ultimate burger, not a claim that I’ve created it.  739 more words

Bobotie spiced beef burgers

Generally when I make burgers I tend to keep things very simple; just some good quality minced beef, seasoning and perhaps a little chopped onion. But occasionally I fancy a burger that packs a bit more of a flavour punch. 298 more words