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The Looloo Rendezvoo at Brasas

I went to one of the most amazing gathering I’ve ever joined so far. Why!? Answer is, it’s a rendezvous of a big community of amazing people that share the same interests and enthusiasm with…. 583 more words


Beef Heart Stew

Alright, if you clicked through, stick with me. Beef heart is probably my favorite offal meat.

Why eat beef heart?

Well first, honestly, it tastes good! 392 more words

Cheap & Easy Dinners

Paleo Beef Heart Chili In a Pressure Cooker

I have wanted to cook with beef heart since I started reading about traditional diets last summer. Apparently so did the rest of the world, because they seemed to always be “out-of-stock” on my favorite online butcher shop ( 313 more words


STL Locavore: A Nutritional Comparison of Organ Meats to Other Foods

As you may (or may not) know, I’m a huge supporter of nose-to-tail eating as it not only uses as much of the animal as possible, thus minimizing waste, but also some of the less-consumed meats are actually the least expensive and give you the most nutritional bang for your buck! 695 more words


Holy cow, that's offally good

It may make me seem a tad like a maniac, but I liked the idea of eating heart. So I cooked with it again.

(Now don’t take that the wrong way; I’ve convinced myself that eating offal makes me a better person, and somehow makes up for all the times I’ve missed when trying to throw something in a public bin, or haven’t held the door for someone when it was in fact no inconvenience at all to do so). 394 more words

Beef Heart Stew

Part of the Wahls Protocol is eating organ meat once a week. Beef heart was pretty intimidating to me.  I did not grow up eating organ meat.   399 more words