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Is Beef Jerky Paleo?

When you think about beef jerky, you’re probably envisioning packages of dried meat and sticks of Slim Jims at the gas station on a road trip, or for the Californians, maybe you think of that famous… 210 more words


The Art of Jerky Making and My Foray into the World of Dough

Another busy few weeks have passed and I have been cooking up a storm these days…and it hasn’t been only me. Steve has had a few-years long dream to make his own beef jerky. 982 more words


Salty Sun-Dried Beef / neua kem or neua daet diow

Salty from fish sauce, punchy from ground black pepper, mellow with a bit of sugar, this dish of simply marinated, dried, and quickly fried beef may remind you of beef jerky. 251 more words



I bought a dehydrator a couple months ago and have been super into making beef jerky. Typically I do the cylinder style jerky but lately I’ve found it actually taste better to just have it be more squared. 159 more words

Dehydrating Food

Sweet and Spicy Beef Jerky

I have been experimenting making beef jerky for the past couple of years. It started when I discovered an awesome “spicy sweet” beef jerky made by Oberto. 499 more words


Mmmmm - Beef Jerky

Every time I post about our homemade beef jerky, on social media, immediately folks ask for the recipe. I usually give the brief run down, but today I’ve got pictures and simple, yet detailed guidelines for making your own Beef Jerky – right now, in your own oven – so you don’t have to mooch off mine! 998 more words

Jared Says Things

I wrote a post about things Jared says, but left out explanations, because everything is funnier out of context. If you don’t believe me, you’re not eavesdropping enough. 165 more words