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Beef Pilau

My Favourite Rice Recipes

Pilau, also known as Pilaf, Pilaff, Pilao, Pilaw, Plov, Polu, or Pulao, is a rice dish, flavoured with whole and ground spices… 668 more words


Rustic Shepherd's Pie in an Iron Skillet & Memories of Mom

My husband Greg’s mother, Shirley, made him Shepherd’s Pie when he was a boy growing up in Oregon. As a girl growing up in Texas, I have had Taco Pie, Tamale Pie and Frito Pie — but Greg had to describe his mother’s Shepherd’s Pie to me. 870 more words

Pot Lucky - Grilled skirt steak and green bean salad

I was invited to a potluck today.  I like playing mini-iron chef with myself. Mostly because I love a challenge and because it helps keep waste down. 592 more words

Something To Chew On

Bulgogi Sliders

Working in Koreatown has made me start to constantly crave Korean food and want to cook Korean food.  So when the roomies and I decided to have a housewarming party after moving to hipster central, I thought it might be fun to make some sliders flavored with a bulgogi marinade.   478 more words

Main Dishes

Viatnamese Beef Noodle Salad- Bún Bò Nam Bo

Bún Bò Nam Bo Recipe:

I recently had the great oppurtunity to join a cooking class in Hoi An, Vietnam. We learned how to cook four traditional Vietnamese dishes on Thuan Tinh island in an outdoor serene setting. 444 more words


Beef, Interrupted

I put in a few days playing the Beefs, and I was enjoying it, but I think I’ll have to start them over. Placing them in Setra was a poor choice on my part. 882 more words


les rosbifs

In the mid-90s, I was having lunch on Paris’ Left Bank the day the Chunnel opened. Les rosbifs, my waiter sniffed disdainfully, zey will be comeeng like ants.  170 more words

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