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Aussie Bees Fight 'Hive Wars'

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Scientists had assumed that bee battles seen around Brisbane were between colonies of the same species

Bee colonies in Brisbane are waging war for months on end, sending waves of workers who collide, grapple and die. 776 more words



Hornets are less aggressive than many more frequently encountered wasp species. in spite of their fearsome reputation, they generally only sting in defence of their nest or when something picks them up and their stings are no more dangerous to humans than a wasp’s. 38 more words


Delicious Cowichan wool...

This item will consist of both repurposed and gifted ivory and taupe Cowichan wools, which I have knit together with this amazing Debbie Bliss “Milano” 68 more words


Citizen science – from studying bees or seaweed to solar storm-watching

The range of projects that you and your family can get involved with is staggering, and the potential rewards are immense.

‘The whole family became obsessed’ 174 more words