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I respond well to a challenge.  Certain types of challenges, anyway.  I don’t generally find a challenge initiated by another person to have a lasting resonance.   134 more words

The State of Things: More on Organization and What Works

So a bit of an update here. I’ve still been using Beeminder to keep track of things lately, which has proven useful as I’m trying to build up a buffer for the times I know I’m going to be really busy. 357 more words

Updates, More on Using Beeminder, and Assorted Things

So thanks to  Phil Newton there’s now a simple way to integrate org-mode TODOs with beeminder, found here at https://github.com/Sodaware/beeminder.el. I’ve started using it a little bit but not that much since, over my spring break, I’ve been trying to just focus on writing and getting over the really nasty cold/flu/unholy-plague we had in this house. 887 more words

The beginning; start of a long/painful/uncomfortable journey of changing myself.

I have already said what am about. What is to be expected from this blog in the about page. Here is an extension of that. 568 more words

2 Hours Of Jump Rope