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Belgian Pale with Red Peppercorn & Rose Petals

I got to play with a little version of the beer Michael was brewing and I decided to use Cambodian Kampot red peppercorns that I brought back from my trip last April, as well as some dried rose petals that I brought back from a market in Vienna while on our honeymoon. 120 more words


'The Hopped Lobster' Beer

We only have one brewing kettle, and it is the biggest kettle we have in our kitchen. When our friend Shawn had live lobsters shipped to us from Maine as a surprise, we had to use the brew kettle to cook them. 178 more words


Urban Backyard Hop Planting

Michael decided he wanted to plant some hop plants on the patio of our little backyard.

He went to Oak Barrrel Winecraft and picked up 4 Rhizomes (3… 279 more words

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