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Brewdog Leeds: Beer Cocktails are a thing, and they're fabulous


Having lived in Sheffield city centre, I loved the Brewdog bar on Devonshire St. and was excited when I heard I would be living pretty close to the bar in Leeds, and I have not been disappointed.  118 more words


Two pink summer drinks

Summertime, and the drinking’s easy, or at least it should be. While my summer drink of choice at a bar is usually a Mojito with its cooling rum, lime, and mint, at a cookout or barbecue I prefer something lighter that I can consume easily with food, and usually grab a beer. 445 more words


A Mexican Bulldog - Beer Cocktail

My rather roundabout way home from Dublin after the weekend took me via the Zoo, Ikea and Dundrum. The last time we were in Dundrum, Cortina’s caught our attention, next time, we decided. 142 more words

Now Serving - Campari and Corona

By The Gentleman

Right now it’s that time of year at Cocktail Challenge HQ, end of uni semester. That dreaded time of essay writing and exam prep that is a living hell before weeks of blissful holidays. 388 more words

Now Serving

Beer cocktails, delicious or blasphemous?

Beer cocktails are something with which I’ve always had a bit of a troubled relationship.

Presumably they’d be right up my alley given that I like both cocktails and beer, but when it comes to both those wondrous things, I’m something of a purist (a point I’ve touched on… 617 more words


Mix It Up: Beer Cocktails

I know what you’re thinking when you hear the words “beer cocktails”: Why on earth would you do that to a beer? I initially thought the same thing. 99 more words

June 4: Ten Cent Beer Night

At 162 games a year, Major League Baseball’s regular season is really long. Just to put that in perspective, an NFL team that makes it to the Super Bowl will play at most 20 games a year, and both the NBA and NHL’s regular seasons are only 82 games long. 616 more words

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