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Memoir of a Teacher: A Red Hot Tip for NaNoWriMo

This year one of my friends is undertaking NaNoWriMo and has taken to Facebook to ask for ideas to include in his novel. He quite likes improv so thought, “hey it works for comedy theatre, why not a novel.” I suggested that perhaps attempting to recast an old tale might give him some structure. 856 more words


Tricks or Treats. Pumpkin Ale Bread is definitely a treat!

When I started this blogging thing, it was purely for myself, just a way to get some ideas and thoughts down in a place that wouldn’t get lost in the mess we call life. 429 more words


VIDEO: Guess What This Guy Picks Instead Of His Girlfriend On The Kiss Cam

This might be the greatest Kiss-Cam video ever!

You know what the Kiss-Cam is right? It’s were they show couples on the big screen at sporting events and the couples are expected to kiss. 56 more words


Call for calorie information to be displayed on alcohol labels

A large glass of wine contains around the same amount of calories to a Cornetto ice cream!!!

So tomorrow November 1st 2014 I begin my month of no wine, beer, cocktails or any other alcohol beverages and I thought I would share with you one of the reasons why, as the month progresses I will add to this as and when my will power declines and I need a boost!! 407 more words

What's Going On


All aboard for the megaton dexamphetamine rail road
Racing at the speed of sound till everything goes white
Hurtling between luscious flora and fauna with a weasel strapped to my trousers… 105 more words


To Øl Mochaccino Messiah

Σκούρο καφέ χρώμα με ανοιχτό καφέ αφρό. Φρεσκοκαβουρδισμένος καφές