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Beer #6


Another of those beers in Finland that could be, but then just don’t know what happened.

• Type: Pilsen
• Vol: 4.7%
• Presentation: Can 568 ml… 72 more words


Holier Than Thou: The Reverend Belgian Ale

We gotta get one thing straight: I don’t play well with beer. Beer and I are the tolerant coworkers that politely nod on the subway, going to the same office. 351 more words

Avery Brewing Co.

Witchingseason unleash new single ‘Spiders’, August 1st

Follow up single, Codeine, to be released October 1st

Booze? Real Ales

Review: This post apocalyptic sound is met with a crazy guitar riff and an astronomical onslaught of symbol mayhem. 102 more words


Valium, BeerLaos, Corruption and Bowling Alley Raves

You, how you say, ‘oil them. In ‘ot water”
“Boil, really, that doesn’t kill the psycilosibyn?”
“No, no waaay”, the roaming Polish traveler who worked at the hostel we were staying at informed us. 1,849 more words


I love me some Red Blacks!

I always felt that there was something missing in the city of Ottawa. The summer months can be boring and extremely hot. For me, this would lead to pent up energy that I would need to release. 326 more words

N/A Irish Stout

It seems like the perfect beer to brew first on this site is an N/A Irish Stout. No one offers one commercially, yet the style is a perfect candidate to make alcohol free. 186 more words


Yakima Red

First enjoyed at the Greenwich Union and later the ArtHouse Crouch End, Meantime Brewing’s Yakima Red is brewed with a variety of five hops from the Yakima Valley in Washington State. 66 more words

Crouch End