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Beer Hawk Beer Club

Oh hello

I received a rather magnificent present for being best man at my brother’s wedding. He bought me a three month subscription to Beer Hawk’s Beer Club. 840 more words


An Introduction to PubDrafts

Welcome to PubDrafts. As our tagline says, we’re just two guys who like drinking beer and talking about it. This is a new endeavor for both of us but each of us are really looking forward to giving you some of our opinions on different beers. 300 more words

About Us

Mini Road Trip

Rolled to The City yesterday to catch what ended up being the worst baseball game of all time. The Dodgers 17, the Giants, 0.

I don’t have much interest in baseball until the playoffs because the games are too long, the 9000 games seem excessive and it’s not soccer. 339 more words

What about hops?!

Hi there!

Today’s blog is about hops! It is so popular lately…

It’s the female flower of the hop plant (see image above). And it gives a rather bitter, grassy, floral, spicy, lemony,… taste to your beer. 135 more words


East 9th Brewing Co - Doss Blockos Pale Lager

Scrutinizing the shelves of a bottle shop a few weeks back looking for something different, a brown paper bag in the shape of a beer bottle caught my eye (a good marketing ploy?), so in tribute to the wine swigging park hobo I grabbed a bottle. 123 more words


Black Dog Brewery – Leader of The Pack IPA

I’m a big fan of hoppy IPA’s and there’s no shortage of them coming from both here and abroad. With brewers pushing the boundaries of hop induced flavours and aromas, it makes for rewarding times for craft beer drinkers. 118 more words


BEER HAIKU # 91 Karl Strauss Mosaic Session IPA

Though long established (since 1989 no less), the Karl Strauss brewery of San Diego was an unknown quantity to the Thirsty Crew. But, just in time for Beervana 2014, Hashigo Zake Cult Beer Bar has imported a large selection of Strauss’ output. 109 more words