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Boyhood - Movie Review

At a time when directors are transporting us to unseen fantasy realms and sci-fi galaxies, Richard Linklater is doing the exact opposite; his films are about as real as can be, populated with characters and events that feel identifiable and painfully honest. 1,078 more words

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Before... the Before Trilogy

A while ago the first trailer for Robert Linklater’s Boyhood came out — I will ramble about that movie later on — and of course with this 12-year project finally coming to the cinema’s, Linklater’s other long-time project got some new attention as well. 404 more words

Before Sunrise

Before Sunset: I Stayed Awake This Time, Unfortunately

Oh my god… Shut. Up.

The first 45 minutes is like talking to someone on the phone who doesn’t let you talk at all.  Then after 30 seconds of blissful quiet it actually gets interesting for about 20 minutes.   54 more words


Half-a-lifetime worth of conversation: Before Sunset [A movie throwback]

Spent another Thursday evening watching an old movie, and I did choose the sequel to the last one I watched – Before Sunset. So this movie is set nine years after the last one, with the same characters and the same actors playing them. 313 more words


Review: 'Boyhood' (2014); Making the complex, casual and the ordinary, magical.

About one third into Boyhood, 6 year-old Mason asks his father if there is such a thing as magic in real life, like elves and things like that. 1,440 more words


Before Sunset/Before Sunrise

I’ve watched this set of movies once a year for a decade now. Today, I re-watched them, and I realize I share the same hopeful romanticism as I did 10 years ago, as a teenager. 193 more words

Before Midnight


You know how we always say kids of so and so have grown so much so fast! Indeed, nothing marks the passage of time as distinctly as growing kids. 686 more words

Before Midnight