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Before Sunset - Misconnecting is a nono

“Why didn’t we exchange numbers?” He asks.

“We were young and stupid. I guess when you are young you just believe there will be many people with whom you connect with.

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Richard Linklater's Classic "Before" Trilogy is Filmmaking at It's Finest

Richard Linklater’s films create a cultural significance for those who watch them. With Slacker he inspired filmmakers, including one of my personal favorites Kevin Smith. With… 919 more words

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Boyhood (and why it matters so much)

To declare Boyhood (directed by the great Richard Linklater) the best film of the summer is an understatement of epic proportions. I can confidently say that the film is not only the best film of the summer, the year, the current decade, but one of the greatest films that has ever graced itself upon cinema. 1,164 more words

7 Up

"Oh, let not time deceive you, you can not conquer time." - On the Before trilogy

According to my Letterboxd, it’s closing in on a year since I’ve last watched Sunrise and Sunset in full. And after last year, where these films were definitely something that got me through it all and will be one of the strongest memories of my senior year in years to come, where Jesse and Celine became like old friends, that’s pretty surprising for me. 412 more words


Trei ani și trei filme

Sursa: http://tinyurl.com/k8kcpz3

Trei dintre filmele care mi-au plăcut extraordinar de mult și la care cred că m-aș mai putea uita de câteva ori, sunt Before… 377 more words

Ce Am Mai Vazut

The 2004 Retrospective

As I did last year, I wrote a piece about the films of ten years back, both what I thought then and what I think now. 30 more words


‘The moment seizes us’- Richard Linklater, in search of real time

This piece was originally published as part of my Critics Campus coverage for the 2014 Melbourne International Film Festival.

A long, sunbaked lunch is the philosophical centerpiece of Richard Linklater’s… 1,113 more words

New Encounters