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Technically after After, But it's Here now

The next morning, I thought, I should write how I enjoyed my experience. Ending up not wanting to, and just deciding to do it later. Eventually later came up again, and I still didn’t want to, and one week later with that being a continuous cycle, I get a comment asking ho it was. 663 more words

Cebola Recheada com Ricota e Presunto de Peru


4 cebolas grandes

2 colheres (sopa) de salsinha picada

½ xícara (chá) de peito de peru cozido e picado

½ xícara (chá) de queijo ricota… 150 more words

Before & after make up

Ok so lately I feel as though women have been going wayyyy to far with wearing make up. In my opinion make up is suppose to be used to enhance your features, it’s not suppose to make you look like a completely different person. 70 more words



Efter grävmaskinens framfart

Fasaden på huset kommer att renoveras nästa sommar. I år är det fokus på att få insidan klar. Jag är så tacksam för den fantastiska ytan som trädgården utgör.




Hello! to whoever is reading this :) 

My name is Janet, I am a 26 year old girl living in socal, I starting this blog as an online diary for myself to document my weight struggles and to hopefully help someone else that might have the same struggles. 265 more words