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Natural facepack with activated charcoal

I had been wanting to make my own face creams , body scrubs for sometime but with the cooking , the kids , the house it was easier to just use store brought rubbish. 588 more words

Healthy Eating Paleo

Entryway & Sitting Room

The entryway and sitting room had me a bit perplexed when we moved in. I guess I should clarify. The entryway is just fine, but the adjoining room is a space that doesn’t serve much of a purpose in our household. 1,057 more words


Days 1-3

Well, I got through my first three days! And let me tell you something, it has been tough! 


The first day was the worst. Hunger took over, and thankfully I had just gone to the store the previous day and loaded up on all organic fruits and veggies. 447 more words


Welcome Home

With one post under my belt, I expected the words to start flowing freely. Not the case. I’m not sure where to begin. We’ve done a lot inside our house already, but I want to document each room from the start. 966 more words


The Chronicles Of The Pink Skirt

37lbs lost, 36 to go. I’ve officially have more behind me than in front of me.


I took my own advice, and on Saturday night I went to a party at my friends house and wore something to show off my hard work. 530 more words


Funding the Dream......

To be able to fund the adventure we will certainly need a decent chunk of moola. This money will have to not only pay for all the costs associated with moving back to Australia but also hopefully pay of all of our debts so that we can live debt free whilst travelling. 117 more words

The Decision To Go

Let's start at the very beginning our paleo journey

So here’s my first blog and a insight into our paleo journey.
We as in me and Liam (my rock) had been feeling pretty crap in ourselves over the past few months. 1,133 more words