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Belly's gonna getcha

In my first post I mentioned how someone asked if I’m expecting. Well at least now I look like I’m in the first trimester this time instead of the second – that’s how  I looked before I began to eat better and exercise. 445 more words

Sometimes things don't go as planned...

So this week was a little interesting to say the least. With the floors installed and a good portion of the painting downstairs done, we wanted to work on packing and moving over our stuff load by load. 368 more words


The M&Ms Won Today

I’ve lost a total of 32lbs, 2lbs from ONEDERLAND, and I’m 41lbs from my goal.

I try not to believe that my life is controlled by food, but honestly, it’s either one extreme or the other for me. 545 more words


No where fast...

Is anyone else exhausted and overwhelmed?

I woke up, after a long night of turmoil, got ready for work and then woke up the beautiful little boy sleeping in the next room. 232 more words

Before and After?

I keep telling myself, and my lovely other half, that I need to take a before picture, before I lose anymore weight. Needless to say, I have yet to take one. 241 more words

Who I Used to Be

As of this morning I have now lost a total of 28lbs. I AM 5LBS AWAY FROM ONEDERLAND. (getting under 200lbs)

I used to wake up in the morning feeling horrible. 535 more words


Irina Werning, Back to the Future

Do you have any childhood pictures that you particularly like? Would you like to reenact them?

Photographer Irina Werning loves old pictures and decided to do something about it! 106 more words