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An Open Letter to the Man Who Needed Money for Gas

Dear Sir,

I passed by you today on my way to make a bank deposit. Honestly, the first thing I noticed was your dog sitting there in the shade next to you. 700 more words


A Day in the City

The trip was the usual, nothing new, nothing too exciting. I had done it numerous times, and the youthful games once played to pass the time come back in slow waves. 263 more words

Random Thoughts


Yesterday’s post was on dealing with car-to-car salespeople. In addition to car-to-car selling, you will also frequently see people begging from car to car.

Now, how to proceed is entirely up to you. 1,215 more words

General Advice


Some of you may recall my photo of Mervyn, a homeless man whom I spoke to for a while and who allowed me to take his portrait.   60 more words



Common sight throughout the world. Makes you think!

Keep Thinking

Keep Shooting


Beggars can't be choosers, or so you think

Well, actually they can and my wife experienced it only days ago. Loitering outside a hospital was one of those woman that creep up on you just as you’re entering your car. 186 more words

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Just Sayin'

Image from reddinghomeless.blogspot.com

Why is it that when a homeless person asks for change it is considered a begging nuisance, but when a church does it, it is considered charity?