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Why I shouldn't go down alleyways...

A few years ago Dublin had become my second home, my research and education took me there most weeks, and I was rapidly being absorbed by the wonders of the library at Trinity College. 677 more words


Trying his luck

This morning I posted a photograph of a small group of Bergies (vagrants) who charged me a small amount to take a photo.  The guy in the middle was obviously the leader and after I took some pics he tried to con me into using him as a model for more photographs.   47 more words

My Cat Loves Temptations Treats

This video isn’t related to The Last Mice, but I thought my cat is enough of a character to place a spot on the Animal Cartoons blog.  She’s a funny cat.

The Last Mice

Everyone's got their hand out.

I’m going on a cruise pretty soon. No, I’m not telling you when. You’ll find out soon enough, because there will be copious pictures. I like cruises; I haven’t been on one in ten years, but they are a great way to experience the world and have fun. 832 more words


Break (Recreated)

Here is my attempt to recreate the poem that wordpress ever so kindly deleted for me. The original was WAY WAY better, trust me, I just wanted to get something worth while out for you guys. 57 more words

Day 10 - "All Change" By Chris Lawrence

“All change please” Says the Docklands Light Railway
as it stops Stratford station.
So I reach into my pocket
and give it 50p.

It didn’t even say thank you.


Temples of Angkor ~ Workers and Hustlers

The ancient Ruines d’Angkor are awesome. They give a glimpse into the past. They also give a glimpse of the Cambodian present. The ravages of a brutal Civil War and genocide, the collateral damage of the Vietnam War, the century long suppression under French colonialism, the never-ending feuds of territory with China, Thailand and Vietnam have produced a very poor country with a rich history and booming tourism. 502 more words