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Could you survive on less than a meal a day?

Hey everyone. Sorry for being a bit vacant the past few weeks. I’ve just gotten home from a missionary/CBM/P2P trip in Sierra Leone.

I’m not feeling the best right now, pretty mentally and physically exhausted from a demanding fortnight, but I’d go back in a blink of an eye. 116 more words

Begging ban going worldwide: Perth city council pushes to outlaw beggars in city centre

By Brendan Foster in Perth, Australia for The Guardian:

Criminalising panhandlers is not the answer, says peak housing body for the homeless

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Making money from poverty

I live in Pakistan. Each day I see a lot of poverty, much of it pretty dire. When I first saw it I felt guilty that in my own society we had so much, where this one has so little. 1,024 more words


poem: man with a dog

I saw him through the large dressed supermarket window
Which was advertising the
Coming Christmas festival
He looked untidy and slightly nervous
Eyes avoiding contact with others… 185 more words


Begging In Town Square

Dear Diary,

If I go down to town square and sun myself on a comfy bollard I could probably touch enough people up . Mmmm then I could have a Steer’s burger or a Debonairs pizza or maybe even a surf and turf from the Spur. 20 more words

Street Photography

For some Syrian refugees in Turkey, begging is their only hope

(Photo credit: Jodi Hilton)

Originally broadcast on PRI’s The World.

It’s more than three years into the conflict and Syrians are still pouring out of their war-torn homeland. 725 more words


Crouching master, hidden jack russell

Milly loves tea, as some of you may know, she loves tea so much so that if you ask her what she wants she will show you the exact cup and point at it furiously with her paws wagging them up and down sometimes placing them on the edge of the cup, of course I managed to get some pictures of this cheeky monkey, 46 more words