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The countdown is over!

Well, it’s official — my first article has been published online!!

I’ve teared up more than a few times and expressing my gratitude to everyone that was involved, especially ASI, can’t be put into words.  26 more words


Harvesting RSS tiles

Here are several tips for how to harvest tiles effectively.

Falcons Tip: Harvest several tiles at the same time. If you send all of your troops out to the same tile not only are all of your troops are together and thereby you are at the mercy of getting hit and losing ALL OF THEM at once…but also, if you harvest 2 tiles you collect resources twice as fast since you have two groups of harvesters collecting instead of just one group (seems simple but it is a common mistake). 298 more words

Beginner Tips

Alat - alat yang dibutuhkan untuk membuat Gunpla - Beginner Level

Pada prinsipnya tidak banyak alat yang dibutuhkan untuk membuat Gunpla.


Alat yang paling penting adalah side cutter. Hati-hati dalam pemilihan side cutter, karena side cutter yang bermutu rata-rata akan cepat tumpul, sehingga hasil pemotongan kurang maksimal. 163 more words

Beginner Tips

Ada apa di dalam box Gunpla

Bagi teman-teman yang belum pernah membuka sebuah box, kami berikan sedikit gambaran.

Box Gunpla biasa bergambarkan model mecha yang sedang beraksi. Bila Gunpla di dalam box sudah kita rakit, maka model di box ini lah hasilnya. 93 more words

Beginner Tips

Bagaimana Membuat Gunpla

Master Kawaguchi, Gunpla Master dari Jepang yang sering disebut sebagai orang yang paling ahli Gunpla di dunia, mengajarkan tehnik dasar membuat Gunpla di video berikut. Enjoy!

Beginner Tips

KvK Events

The Kingdom vs. Kingdom is one of the unique features of Game of War. In KvK warrants (another form of advanced teleport) can be purchased to teleport into the enemies Kingdom. 1,077 more words

Beginner Tips

Setting up your City

If you are just setting up your Game of War account it may feel a little intimidating or just a bit too easy and just a bunch of button clicking. 188 more words

Beginner Tips