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Transferring Patterns to Wood for Woodcarving

A not-so-fun step in woodcarving is transferring your selected pattern to wood. I have tried nearly everything and I find none of it to be any fun. 643 more words

Beginner Tips

Writing a Feature Film!

Hello All!

After producing my first film, my production company is taking on  two new incredible challenges. The first challenge is to produce and release… 269 more words

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Oblique vs. Straight pen holder

The question is always raised whether it is better to have an oblique or a straight pen holder. The two each have their own advantages, but I would recommend an oblique holder. 154 more words

Beginner Tips

Putting your first foot forward

Tips for the first race or just to avoid injury and mistakes.

“We are all beginners at some point and having some helpful tips can help you avoid injury and mistakes.”

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The countdown is over!

Well, it’s official — my first article has been published online!!

I’ve teared up more than a few times and expressing my gratitude to everyone that was involved, especially ASI, can’t be put into words.  26 more words


Harvesting RSS tiles

Here are several tips for how to harvest tiles effectively.

Falcons Tip: Harvest several tiles at the same time. If you send all of your troops out to the same tile not only are all of your troops are together and thereby you are at the mercy of getting hit and losing ALL OF THEM at once…but also, if you harvest 2 tiles you collect resources twice as fast since you have two groups of harvesters collecting instead of just one group (seems simple but it is a common mistake). 298 more words


What language are they speaking in yoga? Beginners Yoga Tips Part l

I was inspired to write this after talking to a family member recently. She is in her 50’s and she and some friends have been wanting to try yoga but they are feeling uncomfortable because they are so new to this exploding culture. 528 more words