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Doing a proper Warm-Up

If you don’t have time to do a proper warm-up, you don’t have time to work out! 

The most important, but often overlooked part of your routine is the warm-up. 121 more words

Beginner Tips

CameraSim Review: Learn how to use your DSLR with a free online camera simulator

Learning how to master a camera’s exposure controls can be tricky, but CameraSim helps make the process a little easier and is fun to use!

Beginner Tips

Quick Writing Tip: Don't Add Images Until the Text is Done

Here’s a quick writing tip for user manuals: don’t add your images to the manual until you’re done writing your text.

This has two advantages. The first is that when you add images one at a time over the long course of writing a manual, it’s easy to overdo it. 82 more words

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1-Month Statesman Journal Subscription + $20 GC + Free Paper for $20!

Head into the Albany Fred Meyer today where they’re offering a pretty decent deal if you sign up for delivery service of the Statesman Journal. The Oregonian and the Statesman Journal have the best coupons, so I was stoked to see this deal. 177 more words

Fred Meyer

Free SurveyMini iPhone App: Earn Gift Cards For Taking Surveys

I wanted to share with you today an iPhone app that I use on a regular basis, it’s called SurveyMini (sorry android users, I’ll find one just for you, I promise).  289 more words


Beginner Tip: Mastering the Basics

Bruce Lee: “Advanced skills are the basics mastered.” How do we apply this to fitness? Make sure you have proper form and technique on a body weight squat and lunge before you try to do some new ” advanced fitness magazine version” exercise. 70 more words

Beginner Tips

Beginner Tip: Setting Unrealistic Fitness Goals

Setting unrealistic fitness goals leads can lead to a feeling of failure, as well as adding unnecessary stress to our already stressful lives.

When trying to set a goal, it is best to consult a fitness professional. 171 more words

Beginner Tips