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Beginning to Cook

For a beginner cook, it is really important to know what goes well together and how much or little to put in. I love to watch The Food Network and so many chefs use spices and seasonings that I have no clue about so when I started I wanted to go with the basics that I knew I could handle. 147 more words


Reminiscing on some good times

Ahhh, the intro to photojournalism….it has been a year since having some fun learning all the in’s and out’s of DSLR’s. Before the course began I bought a brand new Nikon D3100, without a clue how to use it. 103 more words

Philosophize This!

This podcast is one I have followed since the beginning. It was started around the same time I started listening to podcasts and it has only gotten better over time. 96 more words


PFB: Layers, What you need to know.

Hello, today we will be covering: Layers

This tutorial will be covering layers, how to make, delete, duplicate, adjust, and otherwise utilize them. I went over how to unlock the back ground layer in my last tutorial… 2,277 more words


Socks! Drawn after a photo by Tim Diggles

Since i’ve made my blog here on WordPress, I’ve been looking around to see what other people are doing. This is really a great resource! There are bunches of good refrences to draw from and of artists to learn from. 270 more words


My first post

Hello imaginary readers! I created this blog to be somewhat of a diary of my daily journey to reach my goal into becoming a polyglot.  As of now, I would consider myself an advanced beginner in Spanish.   117 more words


Kits Making Learning Easy

When I first learned to cross stitch, I started with a kit that was meant for kids. The kit was so easy and provided me with all the supplies I needed in one package. 63 more words

Cross Stitch