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Learning to shoot in Paris

Shooting, as in, photography. I thought it was simple. For years, a simple point and shoot camera has accompanied me on my travels and adventures, and has served me well, capturing that moment whether of a certain place, person or experience. 145 more words

Tango activities this Easter weekend

Just a quick reminder that there is tango tonight at Palermo Tango Club.  The one hour class starts at 8:15pm and is followed by friendly milonga and free refreshments. 63 more words

Tango Classes

Our first particle! (は)

So what exactly is a particle? A particle is simply what holds our sentences together. A few examples of this would be words like: is, or, and, am. 237 more words


Daily Tao / 109 - Fundamentals

After completion
Come new beginnings.
To gain strength,
Renew the root.

In music, the fundamental tone is the lowest, or root, tone of a chord. Without its presence, no true character is established.

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Daily Tao Meditations

Rice on Evidence for Interactiveness

From The Openness of God:

Two streams of biblical evidence support an interactive view of God’s relation to the world. One consists of statements that affirm in one way or another that God is responsive to what happens in the creaturely world, that what happens there affects God somehow – by evoking a certain emotion, a change in attitude, a change in plans.

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Day 11 0f 30 Day Challenge


Fighting doubt

It’s absolutely normal, let me just say that. No matter what it is, everybody has doubts from time to time. It could come from naysayers or ourselves. 86 more words

Personal Growth

A Sign Painter’s Kit for Broke-Ass Beginners

I have a blog post titled A Sign Painter’s Kit for Beginners, but that was not how I started. As usual, I threw myself into a hobby that no one around me was doing, which meant I had no one to ask about what I needed. 2,304 more words