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The End Of Day One

I made it. I did. I know it’s only a small step, but it’s something. I’ve been good all day and tomorrow I promise to be even better. 87 more words


Finding Focus In Different Media

The main medium for my creative energy is writing — whether I communicate with bloggers and editors, draft a post, or jot down something just for myself or a handful of close friends. 249 more words


Fitting your Sidewinder

Ah the good old Sidewinder, I love working on them personally.  Now a lot of mechanics will only deal with the more expensive ships.  But, the parts are easy to come by and the layout is easy to work on.   863 more words


Lost, But Trying to Figure It out.

Figuring something crucial in your live can be really turbulent and filled with obstacles; I know I seem like have it all figured out but I am not, I still need help, advice, guidance, someone to tell me it is going to be all right… 791 more words


Day One

So, here it goes. I have no idea what I’m doing, but I guess I’m doing it for myself.

Lately I’ve been feeling like a failure. 1,228 more words


Beginner's Guide to Elite Dangerous

Today we start a little bit earlier than usual, time to smell the coffee. Now it’s my understanding that many of you who have just got your flight licence are struggling to grasp what to do next. 626 more words