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The Theory

It’s been nagging at me for a little bit now.

Initially, I wanted to write a blog about my dating blunders and let downs. As of recently I’ve felt more challenged to write about my newest self guided challenge. 738 more words


Super Snap Speedway - Beginner Set

Rev your engines! Super Snap Speedway is tearing around the corner! Over 240 pieces are included in this beginner set with tons of track and numerous accessories. 45 more words

Halls of Valhalla Beginner 6

We’re given:
You’ll never find our super secret file!

I had a correct hunch that this was robots.txt file challenge. Going to the page’s robots.txt… 35 more words


Halls of Valhalla Beginner 7

Ooo! So much family drama my friends! We had migratted to halleyfarms.net but now we’re coming back here to completelyunoptimized .


Prepare for a barage of migratory posts. 86 more words


Not flexible enough for Yoga? Yin you are!

“Let it go, let it go”, now that I think about it…it’s kind of ironic that the character singing this song is a frozen, uptight, ice queen. 831 more words


Tagalog In Taiwan

So a couple of months or so ago I found myself becoming increasingly interested in learning Tagalog. As you know, Chinese is my primary target language, and I moved to Taiwan for language immersion. 412 more words


A Little Help Getting Started

I decided to start this blog in hopes that I would be able to help other beginners when it comes to running. I would not call my self a pro, but I have run quite a few races now. 604 more words