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The Cello Bow Hold: A Beginner's Guide

If you are a beginner and think holding the bow is easy, then it’s almost certain that you’re not doing it right!

The cello bow hold is supposed to feel ‘natural’ and ‘flexible’ – that is, the curve of your fingers should mimic the natural curve of your hand.  155 more words


Bodybuilding For Young Adults

Bodybuilding is the practice or the process of building an individual’s muscles to its fullest extent. This process of building muscles will need an influx of exercises and supplements in order for the muscles to reach their full potential in a shorter time than it should take. 367 more words



Get into a single foot lock — the silks are running up the inside of the knotted foot. Grab hold of both silks above your head and turn the silks outside that same foot so they run outside the knotted leg, across your back, and in front of the opposite armpit. 18 more words

Single Footlock

Beginner Hummus

I’m pretty new to hummus. There really isn’t a lot of good quality hummus floating around when you grow up in a small Southern town that mostly caters to a middle-aged Caucasian population. 125 more words


Three easy ways to turn leftover takeout into a full meal for your family!

1. Chinese Chicken and Broccoli

 I do this sometimes if I have a little leftover of chicken and broccoli along with a bag of Steamers Asian Medley. 417 more words

Telling a little about myself, hi!

Hey guys, it’s Emma. I’ve recently decided I’d try my hand at blogging. I plan on sharing my page and sharing ideas with people, and I can only hope that you will appreciate it. 26 more words


My first deck and my first FNM

So, with my decision to start playing MtG again came the realisation that all of the cards that I had got the last time I started playing were in fact pretty much all illegal in the Standard format. 1,083 more words