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Day 11 0f 30 Day Challenge


Fighting doubt

It’s absolutely normal, let me just say that. No matter what it is, everybody has doubts from time to time. It could come from naysayers or ourselves. 86 more words

Personal Growth

A Sign Painter’s Kit for Broke-Ass Beginners

I have a blog post titled A Sign Painter’s Kit for Beginners, but that was not how I started. As usual, I threw myself into a hobby that no one around me was doing, which meant I had no one to ask about what I needed. 2,304 more words


A Sign Painter’s Kit for Beginners

If you are a sign painter JUST starting out or are short on investment cash, I recommend reading this post first :)


When I started my sign painting journey, all I wanted was a list. 2,234 more words


Getting serious: Java, Algorithms, Database

Ha! Long time no update.

After Python, I learned PHP, MySQL and Bootstrap to create a few projects to impress recruiters of some web consulting companies. 271 more words


Crochet pattern: Step-by-step granny square

Hi everyone!

I thought that I would share a step-by-step pattern on how to crochet a very easy granny square. I am doing several small squares in this blue wool for another project that I’m working on, which I’ll definitely blog about when it is finished. 98 more words


EV's: Super Training 2

The second part of super training is more about the punching bags.

there are many different punching bags, but most of them are, like the stages in super training, variations upon other punching bags. 291 more words


3D Paper Mache Letter

Time Required: 1 hour + draw letter + drying time Recommended Ages: 6+ Description:  Love those cool Pottery Barn Letters but not the price, make your own for pennies. DOWNLOAD:  3D Paper Mache Letter