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Am I too old to learn to play music?

  1. “You cannot teach an old dog new tricks.”
  2. “When you get to my age, you stop learning.”
  3. “Learning is a lot easier when you are younger.”
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Clive Stocker

To get the deals, you have to get plugged in

This hobby (obession) of mine is all about effort. I’ve said time and time again on my Facebook groupĀ that travel hacking requires effort. Nothing worth having comes easy, and this hobby is no different. 539 more words


Ltd Edition Self-Titled EP for LA's BEGINNERS - OUT NOW!

It’s been a great summer for incredible pop songs. BEGINNERS have managed to fight their way to my “amazing pop songs that came out of nowhere list 2014″. 421 more words


A Comprehensible Manual for League of Legends Starters: Introduction

A Comprehensible Manual for League of Legends Starters

by Oskar Thomas “The no-no Java” von Seckendorff

Welcome to Summoner’s Rift.

Just kidding. Not yet. Before anything about LoL itself is mentioned (dammit!), we must understand why playing online is such a hit. 438 more words


Recalling the Good Times

Trying to remember how you learned something is not thats simple. I’d say that is because you somehow overlap your knowledge in a way that you forget what it felt like before knowing. 203 more words


Let's Make a Bed!

My husband and I made a bed. A real, sturdy, grown-up looking daybed. I’ll preface this post by saying that, until now, we had never built anything from scratch, so trust me when I say that you can… 578 more words