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Strength - Week 10 / Day 2


a)  Strength:
Power clean – 5 sets x 3 reps
Pull-ups – 3 sets x max reps

If you cannot complete at least 5 Pull-ups per set, then substitute with Incline rows. 69 more words


Three Open-Source Drawing Styles For Beginners

Even though this is an article about art and art styles, I’m going to start by talking about some vaguely geeky computer-related stuff. This is mainly because it was how I ended up coming up with the idea for this article and because it also offers a good metaphor for what I’m talking about. 758 more words


The Quick Experts

A quick post to welcome September and let you guys in on a book I just read.

The Quick Experts Guide To – Writing a Blog. 85 more words

Talk Away

Staying Inspired in Larping (Five by Five #5)

The currents of a larp scene flow steady and slow, and slow and steady stuff changes. From time to time there’s a boom (like what happened in Croatia couple of years back, due to a few wonderful enthusiasts), where the rest of us larping fish have to change direction in a matter of seconds, but most of the time it’s just flowing, flowing into the distance. 3,040 more words


Quick Labor Day Week Workouts

Enjoy your Labor Day weekend starting out with this quick workout to keep that metabolism stoked; burning calories long after even while you’re relaxing on the beach. 276 more words


Beginners Guide to How to Create Newsletter Emails

“Beginners Guide to How to Create Newsletter Emails” by Mike Marko.

It is unfortunate that so many online marketers do not use email autoresponders to help collect and promote their content and products.  15 more words

My love affair with EVFs

When I first started using the Fujifilm X-Series last summer I didn’t realise how helpful electronic viewfinders (EVFs) can be. Being able to see a live view of the exposure and then adjusting this via the exposure compensation dial means that I am more efficient. 176 more words

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