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So you’re thinking, SMART goals? opposed to dumb goals? Yes and no. SMART is an acronym but it will also lead to clear cut attainable goals. 893 more words


How to Create Twitter Widget

Twitter is the Social networking site like Facebook and Google+,. It let their users to create there own Twitter widget and let them to add this widget into their website or blogs… 172 more words


Club restructure

By Stan Buckley,
Coaching Director

In order to progress the development of our gymnasts we need to increase the training time spent in the gym. This can only be achieved by reducing the number of classes via merging. 527 more words


How To Use Google Keyword Planner Tool 2014 [Affiliate Marketing for Beginners]

http://www.internetmarketingbootcamp.org/gsniperoffer/ If you are new to affiliate marketing, or a Google Sniper, then this is a quick introduction of how to…Video Rating: 4 / 5… 17 more words

Reading Tarot When Emotions Are High

I received a reading request from somebody yesterday, and I intended to perform the reading today…but I didn’t. Why? Well…I cried tonight. I cried until my mascara streaked down my face and my contacts burned in my eyes. 483 more words


A Quick Post about Quick Reply in iOS8

If a text appears at the top of your device while you are involved with something else, you no longer have to leave whatever-you-are-doing to head over to messages to answer it. 33 more words


Beginners’ courses in historical fencing

By Eliisa Keskinen

I have attended a decent amount of beginner’s courses as a participant, an assistant and an instructor. The majority of them have covered different types of HEMA but I’ve also taken beginner classes in mixed martial arts, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and savate. 1,536 more words

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