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Spirit's Freshness

The misty morning,
The sea-salt air,
The flowers blooming,
Without a care.

A fresh beginning,
The day starts new.
Our spirits filling
With purest dew. 29 more words


Ten Ways to Start a Good Day

  1. Wake up and stretch straight away
  2. Eat a breakfast of all natural ingredients – make it from scratch
  3. Brush your teeth AND gargle half an hour after breakfast…
  4. 61 more words

Home is where your heart is.

I have been here for exactly 12 days. And by ‘here’, I mean a place thousands of miles away from everything and everyone I ever loved and cared about. 284 more words


Why Brownies? (Intro)

What does a laboratory have to do with brownies? Absolutely nothing. Except that both are major parts of my life. They’ve made a huge impact in their own respect.  622 more words


A New Day

Seek perfection in every flaw

Strive for beauty (not perfection)





Bask in the good moments

Shake off the bad





Grin that sneaky grin


Welcome to the Reality of Dreams Beginning

I’m standing in the courtyard of my school, alone. I normally have to be social at school, but everyone is standing nearby other, so I’m standing a little ways away to reenergize my self. 547 more words


Oh My Plans...

So, originally my plans included writing this much more often; In fact, once a week.

We all see how that went, right?

It’s amazing. You plan, your focus, you work and you achieve (or at least try to). 435 more words