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Dark & Light - the New Moon

Tomorrow, July 26th, marks the New Moon – the darkest time of the month, when the Moon appears as a slender crescent, shortly after its conjunction with the Sun. 374 more words


The Challenge Awaits Me

All my life, I’ve had to overcome challenges.

When I realized that my high school marks weren’t good enough to get into the world’s top universities, I issued a challenge to myself to… 380 more words


I Really Do Try...

…to keep up with posts on this blog. But that’s not working out very well. Ultimately, I want to try to blog as much as possible in my fourth, and final year of my undergrad… 433 more words



It is merely the
first steps toward the end.
Forget those
hopes and dreams and wishes.
Embrace your
inevitable mortality.
Spirits are not bound by… 44 more words


Daily Disciplines: Day Two Hundred Five

I’ve been really wrestling with this for several months. Why did I start? Do I want to continue? What new venture do I want to start? 24 more words

Let's start from the beginning....

I was born on May 14, 1993 in Edenton, North Carolina to two immigrant parents who came from Mexico and El Salvador. Both of my parents came to the states to find a better life than the one they both had back in their country’s. 945 more words


Those who can...

This is from my other blog called MEtopia.

It’s about my fears and doubts concerning teaching and starting this new career. Will I be one of those who can do, but can’t teach? 9 more words

First Time Teacher