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Ideas are everywhere!

In this world of globalization, is the driving factor – competition or innovation!

Gone are the days when apple fell and idea struck… It’s a brand new world where ideas are plucked… 85 more words


New Beginning

A motivational poem to sherard about a new life we are starting in Sri Lanka together. Countdown under 4 weeks!!

Starting a new life, starting fresh. 125 more words


Hugh Lynn Profile - Audio Culture

Murray Cammick 22 Aug 2014

Hugh Lynn was the master of the outdoor concert. In 1983 he promoted a David Bowie concert at Western Springs that drew a record-setting crowd of 82,500. 63 more words


The REAL House Hunters

The REAL House Hunters

I started my day yesterday with two goals in mind: cell phone, and apartment search. I realized weeks ago that to find an apartment I would need to wait until I was in France and had a phone so as to call real estate agencies and landlords. 978 more words


Shattered phone screens Vs, shattered hearts

Everyone I know seems to be breaking up, making up or starting a new with someone. Were all so desperate to be in love that we sacrifice our morals for it, people throw on those rose colored glasses real quick when they fall in love. 238 more words

Kelsie Deanna

"Coffee-Love" at First Sip.

Once upon a time… I did not like coffee. I hated the smell, the taste, and no sweeteners on earth could overcome the bitterness that filled every coffee mug across the world. 371 more words


It's a new day, it's a new blog


Welcome to my new blog! I would love to give you a personal tour, but you’re on that side of the web and, well, who knows what I am even up to while you’re reading this. 489 more words