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Truck Repair and update

Over the past few months we have been able to pay off all of our credit cards, both of our car loans, and all our other credit related to furniture and appliance purchase. 408 more words


Beginning, End, Beginning

Is it paradoxical that the end of something is just the beginning of something new? Another change, significant change, will occur in less than two weeks. 148 more words

The Phoenix

No pain, no gain. Not just your muscles, but your brain. Wisdom is gained through pain and loss. It’s the beginning of an end, but also marks the start of a fresh beginning. 29 more words

Jumpstarting My Transmutation

It has finally come to pass, just like the old gypsy lady said. The time when I will have to pay for all my sloth, gluttony, junk eating habits, alcohol consumption. 146 more words


Daily Renewal

Within the past month or so I have come to appreciate anew the promises the Lord has for new beginnings. His Word says that His mercies are new every morning (Lamentations 3:22-24). 240 more words


I’m taking the plunge.

This is a very vulnerable place to be, but thrilling, none the less.

My hope is for this space to be: 95 more words


Leaving Good Enough-Alone

I mentioned in a previous post that  I was taking a blogging “course” through wordpress. Yesterdays assignment was to customize our space. Overall, I was happy with the look of my blog: I like how there is a side bar-as there is more ease in catching up on past posts as well as becoming a reader. 97 more words