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Back again

Hello again! Lots of things happened since I’ve last been here (year and a half ago) and from the technical content making I have moved to a bit more traditional segment, doing fine art. 69 more words


New Blog, New Me

Well, here it goes. My very first post here. I’m kind of excited. I have to say that I was disappointed with the free editing options, it said “custom colors” but, in fact, I can only change the background and title… Maybe I should invest in a premium… I’ll get back to it later. 210 more words


Sunrise Through the Leafless Trees

Another morning

Auburn sunrays through the trees

A new day begins

© Ilex Farrell


Wake up

“It’s time to start living.”- и тогава си помислих.. “Време е да започна да живея”.

Случвало ли Ви се е да загубите пътя си? За момент да не знаете кои сте, какво правите и защо го правите? Е да, аз загубих моя, но го търся и някой ден ще го намеря. И все пак, станах рано, Пия кафе и сега се трудя, за да ви разкажа за историята на едно кротко дете от добро семейство, превърнало се в една объркана непокорна красива жена. А на красотата, вярвайте ми, никой не прощава..


starting up

I’ve attempted several times to create a blog before. But, I ended up abandoning those pages. I’ve also tried creating a free website. But, later on, decided to ditch it again. 49 more words

Mobile Photography


My name is Ron and this blog is Ron’s Korner.



I emerge from a mountain covered with a layer of ice,

I want to be snug, there is no need for me to rise,

But as the ice covering me drifts away, 232 more words