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and so it begins

I’ve been reading a lot lately. This sounds like it was meant to be a statement of news, when in actuality it’s nothing out of the norm. 418 more words


Contemplating Raindrops

In one of those moments where everything is perfect I contemplated the first raindrops splattered on the windshield as I pondered on beginnings and endings. James Finley speaks about beginnings. 371 more words

Live Love Meditate

Who am I?


I’d like to introduce myself, however I feel like it’s a little harder to do when you can’t meet me face-to-face. I’ll do my best though. 370 more words


The Beginning

“Did your mommy and daddy tell you why you’re here?”

These are the first words I remember hearing from a psychologist. I was six years old. 293 more words


The 1st! A new hope.

Today was a pretty productive day. Went to work (yay for working from home) and also called my primary care doc to send referrals to the podiatrist and the physical therapist and also called insurance regarding braces (last year I was supposed to get braces and signed up for a payment plan but didn’t end up going yet I still got charged so that’s a big mess with insurance; telling them I have never had braces and that I want it. 317 more words

So it begins!

Well, here I am.

I had another blog but I decided to start anew and make it all better this time by writing in English instead of my native language. 23 more words


The Birth of a Blog

And so it begins. The very first post to what I hope will be my first (successful) blog. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve tried my hand at blogging before, but I mean, who hasn’t? 210 more words