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Time for a Change

I’m a warrior damnit. I have battle scars and wear them proudly. I find nothing wrong woth that. I think its time to reflect on what I really want my life to me and make some chamges. 9 more words

Random Thoughts

I Had a Dream

I had a dream the other night about someone I’ve never met before. It was a very sweet and sexy dream. I’ve been thinking about what it might mean. 41 more words


Cancer go Fuck Yourself

I find it ironic that the boyfriends sign is cancer. But no unfortunately the title isn’t anything astrological. I added a new category for today. Cancer. 253 more words


Fear to Begin

It seems cliche to start my blog with what it will be about, but maybe that will give you an idea of the topics I will be sharing and give me a chance to put down some of my own thoughts. 594 more words


Video Game Childhood

Hi everyone! What was your first videogame? How did it impact your life? Here’s my story :)

This was the beginning of my childhood. Apart from all the great others things, such as legos, building blocks, and chutes and ladders, this was where I spent the majority of my time. 254 more words


The Yellow Brick Road to Music

What started your music adventures? Where did that “yellow brick road” lead you? Go ahead and comment! Always interested in the beginnings of grand musicians like yourselves! 432 more words


Sunday was the Worst Day

I miss Sundays. But really I think I just need to treat him like any other addiction and move on. I told my friend I need to find a new boyfriend and she laughed at me. 191 more words