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New Space

Hello dear readers and writers! This blog began on Tumblr in January 2013. There are some juicy, meaty posts over there. If you are interested, all of the info is on the “Tumblr” tab. 54 more words


That one sure spoy one

Hello world of WordPress! Wasn’t banking on such a nice welcome, thank you for your lovely comments and for following me.

I’m sure you’re wondering what ‘ang moh pai’ means. 904 more words


Car Crash Catalyst

There was no life flashing past the eyes.  It was unanticipated and over almost as quick as it happened.  One minute I was bending down to retrieve something from my bag and the next we were on the side of the highway merging lane, looking down on the triple lanes of traffic going smoothly to the east and west.   527 more words


The Light of the Moon

 Today, we enter the waxing crescent phase of the lunar cycle.  When you look into the night sky, you can tell whether a moon is waxing (young and growing) or waning (old and declining) by determining which direction the “horns” or tips of the crescent are pointing.   635 more words


New Moon

The New Moon is the first phase of the moon when it is closest to, and normally invisible from the Earth.  In most religions and cultures, the new moon signifies the start of a new month and a time of restoration or renewal.   840 more words


Riding Along in My Automobile: How to Learn a New City

I had been in a new city for a few days learning my immediate neighborhood, figuring out how to buy groceries even though I didn’t speak any Arabic, and learning how to work my incredibly odd washing machine with all its strange buttons. 235 more words

Weird Things About Living Overseas

The Importance of Preparation

You know how sometimes you dream and dream and dream but everything seems impossible?

You know how othertimes you wake up and suddenly everything is easy? 487 more words