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where the road takes us

As the upcoming writing retreat steadily approaches, I’m preoccupied with the drive to get there—the ride alone, time on the open road, snaking New England highway, cloaked in winter. 520 more words

On Common Things

I was on a call with KS, and I told him about my recording the next day at the studio for the community radio. I used to host a program for them during my college days.

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Seeds, Weeds and Dreams

The first post in a (hopefully) series of gardening ramblings…ahem…memoirs…seems a lot like trying to pick out seeds for the first time of the season.  I haven’t a clue what the garden will turn out like this year, no idea what will grow well and what will fail, which varieties will thrive in our wacky weather or if an early July hurricane will leave me crying in my bean patch having to decide whether to start over or pack it all in.   313 more words


Just Like That

Have you ever noticed how many times in a woman’s life that she becomes someone completely different in just a moment’s time? I suppose everyone has these kinds of sudden identity changes. 559 more words


Back On The Dating Coaster

I am back on the dating Roller-Coaster and this time it will be different.  Well, it’s been over 14 years since I’ve dated.  It’s funny.  I hardly know how to do this and I feel like a  school-girl. 252 more words


Beginnings, Where Do We Start?

I’ve been thinking about the past lately and suddenly this word just stuck in my head, Beginning.  Did that word pop in because I’m thinking to much of what to write here, do I need a topic and where should I begin?  297 more words


A Leap

I was introduced to EforAll by John Raser, during a job interview for the Lawrence BiciCocina.  I’ll talk more about John, and the rest of the incredible people at BiciCocina, in a later post.  331 more words