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Hello Wonderful People!

Many of you know that Ben and I are starting a new adventure in life.  Some of you saw this coming, while others did not.   211 more words

About Us

Hello World! - First Post

Welcome to Miss Cufuffle’s Book Blog, a place for you to view my book reviews and see what I am currently reading. As the Blog develops I hope to set up a suggested Author section, to help you find new Authors similar to your favourite ones. 59 more words


Back to School Cool

If I’m being completely honest, I’m a little afraid of this week; a bit intimidated, even. A little excited too, and enthralled, a sense of deep recognition of how incredibly blessed I am, but in full disclosure, and perhaps a bit embarrassedly, fear also makes the list. 541 more words


Starting New

Starting new is always hard. It doesn’t matter how new or old you are.

Why am I bringing this topic of conversation up? Well….. The farm now has at least one newly hatched turkey poult! 392 more words


Sunrise, and New Pages

Is there a word for missing hockey season? Haha… I like futbol and all, but it doesn’t quite do it for me like the past NHL playoffs and finals. 849 more words


A Discarded Desk

We stood together on the stoop, the boys and I, peering out as the trash truck sunk its merciless teeth into my mother’s 50-year-old desk—the one I had used since college and painted pale yellow and slate blue during senior year. 1,036 more words

On Common Things


Corners, four of them, supporting sheltering walls that interdict darkness and cold and the inclement and, often, pain. It feels a light little haven, this cabin, a place of warmth and comfort, of drawing and building, of creation, a refuge from the lingering, threatening chaos of what feels to me a sometimes-nonsensical world. 171 more words