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On Getting Started

I get a lot of questions when people find out I wrote a novel. One of the most popular is: how did you start?

So if you’re thinking of writing a novel, I thought I’d share some advice on how to get started. 1,328 more words


The Courage to Begin

Sarahn says— Beginnings can be hard. We get so excited about the possibility of something new but it’s the act of starting it that can sometimes prove to be difficult. 325 more words


Goodbye Veil...

So I decide to stop wearing head covering.

There are many reason why I decided not to wear a veil anymore. These are some of the main reasons: 153 more words


I'm taking the plunge!

I’m very excited to be keeping a new blog, documenting my life in college and possibly beyond.  It feels like an auspicious time to begin–my grad party/send off is Sunday, it’s my second-to-last-shift at my job today, and I was inspired to revive the old blogging habit when I saw some other 2018ers posting links to their blogs on Facebook.   68 more words



It’s that moment, much like when you watch the first ever episode of a TV show you come to love years later.

Where it all begins, a wild eye medical intern called JD passes through the walls of a daunting hospital known as sacred heart. 1,321 more words


Fear to Begin

It seems cliche to start my blog with what it will be about, but maybe that will give you an idea of the topics I will be sharing and give me a chance to put down some of my own thoughts. 594 more words


Beginnings and Endings and Round Again

Today I have beginnings and endings on my mind. Endings, because as of tomorrow, Yahoo! Contributor Network, the place where I’ve written now for three years, is no more. 239 more words