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A Place To Start

I guess I’ll start at the beginning. After all, according to Sound of Music, that’s a very good place to start.

Though, I’ll admit, I’m having trouble figuring out where the beginning is. 413 more words


and let's begin...

Dear E.

Here is Step 1 in making manifest our dream of one day figuring it all out.  Not that I do not believe our lengthy phone calls, and FaceTimes do the trick – but we both like thinking, and talking, and typing.   107 more words


Lesson 5: Fact vs Faith

Oh man, this one was more deeply offensive to me than any of the previous. Not offensive in the general sense; most would find it just silly, but to me it is just… Unreasonable. 2,089 more words


The Combined Beginning-Ending Moment

In Bach’s cello suites you see a lot of phrases like this:

…where the low note you land on (the one in the middle here) is the first note of the next measure, and the beginning of the next phrase. 562 more words

✞ To New Beginnings ✞

Hello world!

I want to start off my post of my saying “HELLO” to everyone out there who is reading this. I really appreciate it, so thank you very much. 267 more words



All cotton

Thick and soft

As down-

Button down.

Down to the curve

Of my ankles.

Light in the wind.

Thick white buttons

On unbleached cotton. 50 more words

Words That Link Together

Love Is Dangerous

Love. This 4-lettered word carries more weight than most men care to bear. Regardless of what you believe, it is commonly accepted that love is something that should be taken seriously and given extreme care. 689 more words