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Best Beginnings

“There is no beginning too small.” ~Henry David Thoreau

My best beginning is steeped in words and was the best beginning twice: once as a little girl and once as a parent.

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Slowly, I am getting adjusted to this system. It’s amazing how much power a person can have here on the internet.


the way she moves.

image courtesy of Google (from Google search for “grace”)

i used to be graceful. like, pride-myself-on-walking-in-quietly-while-commanding-a-room-full-of-respect-and-attention, graceful. at least, that’s how i imagined it. i was careful to convey the mood and intention of my interactions with the heaviness of my footfalls; i tried to move as close to silently as possible; and i always paid attention to how i held my body, whether moving or standing still. 2,610 more words

Daily Tarot

Today’s draw is the Page of Pumpkins and Four of Pumpkins.

Double Pumpkins, or Pentacles, indicates this is a time to be realistic and keep your feet firmly on the ground. 265 more words


33 weeks and counting...Our beginning

Today I have reached my 33rd week of pregnancy. You would think I would be used to it by now. You would be wrong! Feeling constantly drained and hungry all the time is different enough but add feeling like there is an excited puppy jumping around in your stomach at all times is too strange. 300 more words

33rd Week Of Pregnancy

You Know That Friend?

We all have that friend, the one who we may only see every few months but it seems like we only parted the day before.  J is that friend for me.   366 more words


And so it begins. . .

Here we are, day one, the beginning of the beginning. . . But first let me go back to where it all started and how I got to this place. 696 more words