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I say hello from the in-between land.There’s really isn’t much here, if you want to ask. There is just too much waiting. Too much waiting. Let me stress that again… too.. 1,023 more words

Hematite Drops

Richard gifted me with jewelry tools and supplies for our third wedding anniversary. He did it because he hoped it would keep me sane and provide me with some hope. 385 more words

Jewelry Creations

Just Keep Swimmin'

Everything isn’t all sunshine and rainbows all of the time. Sometimes, plans don’t work out. Sometimes, you get thrown off track. Sometimes, you wonder what the heck you’re even trying to accomplish. 328 more words

On Decision Making… Part Two (The story of how two Kansas-bred Jayhawkers decided to move to Oregon)

Caroline and I thought we had arrived. I graduated from Emporia State in December of 2013 with my Bachelors of Science in Education. We had settled back into our community at Grace EPC, starting a Life Group of fellow young married couples. 2,278 more words


Post on medication

I have been wondering if my unique thought pattern when I was younger was really Schizoaffective, or just a result of Autistic thought being different. The time when I was off the antipsychotic, but still on a mood stabilizer might not be a good example of my thought process. 404 more words


A Choice

Everything we do in life is a choice, and it seems my decision-making mechanism is faulty. This is where I begin to repair it.

A life of indecision is a life ruled by fear and regret. 313 more words



Like most things, beginnings start off as an idea on a random day out of nowhere. For example, beginning to blog….again! An idea that I have finally decided to act upon after years of losing touch with my need to vomit my thoughts and opinions into words on a screen. 237 more words

Beginning To Blog