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Hey! Bill! Dancing's Starting To Pay Off.

Bill. Get this. It’s 3:30 in the morning. I get the nagging idea to step, step, step to the corner of the street. Then. Once I’ve reached the corner of the street, I convulse, flex, and relax as I observe double halogens blur by. 311 more words

Behavior Change

Four Warning Signs That An Overactive Ego Might Be Undermining An Executive’s Career

When leaders get caught up in their ego, they erode their effectiveness.  Leaders with an overactive ego find themselves unable to center. Instead they are constantly moving from a sense of inadequacy to an overinflated sense of their own importance. 489 more words

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You have a LOT of 'pscyho-baggage'. You'll only know how heavy it is when you shirk it off.

God damn. Acid poured into my god-damned veins over THAT?


I had a palms-sweaty, mind-spaghetti panic attack over standing up, feeling my feet pitter patter on the floor, opening the door, and then moving my body on my front lawn. 461 more words

Behavior Change

Why a new product or game has to be 9X better

I have seen many games and tech companies fail even though their product is better. Related, I have written why fast following is almost always a doomed strategy. 1,914 more words

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Finding Focus in a Noisy World

Dial Down The Noise

The world is a pretty loud place. We are surrounded by sound everywhere we go; traffic drowns us out on the streets, noisy conversation flows around us in restaurants, and the endless drone of the television keeps us company at home. 192 more words


Never Underestimate the Effect of Change

I recently shared a laugh with a client – we’ll call him Jon – because as he so eloquently said, “You just can’t win.” Here’s what happened. 295 more words


Autonomy Support on the Quest for Wellness: How Mindbloom Offers Users Maximum Choice

Autonomy is one of the three precursors of motivation as defined by self-determination theory. It can be difficult to support a user’s autonomy in the context of health, because achieving healthy outcomes often requires a specific set of behaviors that may not align with what a user actually wants to do. 634 more words