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Gratitude: Antidote to “Not Enough”

I didn’t get enough sleep

I don’t have enough money

I need to exercise more

There is never enough time to get everything done

I’m not ___________ (thin, fit, attractive, rich, strong, smart, etc.) enough… 940 more words


The Practice of Gratitude

Our dog, a three-year-old black lab named Chief, really has lived up to his name. He is dignified, kind, and gracious with all people and with other dogs. 497 more words

Living Well

Health insurance and information costs

When I first moved to the U.S. for work, I had to initially buy my own health insurance. I started to do research, call insurance companies, and ask co-workers to try to choose the best fit for me. 419 more words

Keeping it Healthy on Thanksgiving

Is “healthy Thanksgiving” an oxymoron? or can it be a reality?

It’s all about our choices.

What ingredients are we using when we cook? Is there something healthier that we could swap? 715 more words

Faith Community Nursing

Increase your Unintentional Activity!

With the upcoming holiday season some of you may tend to alter your normal exercise routine as well as eating habits. Especially during this time it is easy to stray from your normal routine at the gym in order to get everything done. 557 more words

Behavior Change

Tips for a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year, without a doubt. I love it because there’s really no foolishness surrounding it….no perfect presents to worry about buying and wrapping, no costumes to make, no begging for candy, and no rabbits delivering baskets. 659 more words

Behavior Change

Is holiday time a bad time to start making lifestyle changes?

What do you think? I hear a lot of people making statements like “I know the holidays are a bad time to start anything . . 277 more words

Healthy Weight Loss Tips