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SELF-CONTROL: Who has it and who doesn't?

I have talked with many of you who have been struggling with self-control. Everyone wishes they had more, but how can someone really develop or strengthen their self-control? 556 more words

Behavior Change

11 Signs That It Might Be Time for a Motivation Tune-Up

In her new book, Why Motivating People Doesn’t Work … And What Does, author Susan Fowler reminds leaders that employees are always motivated—it’s just the quality of their motivation that’s a problem sometimes. 515 more words


Sunday is My Favorite Day

Sunday is my favorite day. The pace of a frenetic week slows down and there’s time to breathe. In our home Sundays are the day we sit down together for a big family breakfast followed by serious downtime. 365 more words


A Lobster Boat Moment

As an aware citizen, consumer, and activist, I’ve never felt the need to go see Bill McKibben speak because I’m already in “the choir” as it were. 497 more words


Could Losing Sleep Derail Your Weight Loss Efforts?

Do you think that a healthy diet and regular exercise are the only factors in the weight loss equation? Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. The human body is the world’s most complex machine, so it only stands to reason that many factors and metabolic processes influence our ability to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight. 518 more words

Behavior Change

Experiencing Inner Freedom

By Judith Bobbe, LCSW

“To the degree that you are able to access your soul and allow it to guide you, the less compelled you are to act on desires born from fear, old patterns, low self-esteem, and past hurts.” Rod Stryker… 612 more words

I'm tired of reacting the same way Part 2: Breaking the cycle

Last week, I reminded you that you can overcome old ways of thinking a behavior with time, patience and reliance upon the Holy Spirit.  I also mentioned that you will need to identify a new point of reference.  405 more words