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Delaying Feedback? No News Is Not Always Good News

Are you so skittish about damaging a relationship or de-motivating a team member that you don’t give developmental feedback? Who can blame you, really? Everyone wants to be liked, and we all know you get more flies with honey than with vinegar. 660 more words


Are you eating your emotions??

The brain is a beautiful thing, but sometimes it can be difficult to understand and control. You know those urges to overeat, and all the wrong foods? 314 more words

Behavior Change

January newsletter: resolution solution

Cheers to a New You: Adopting New Habits and Making Them Stick

It’s that time again.

Well, it may be more like that 5th time again. 1,257 more words

Behavior Change

Nutrition Counseling With Your Registered Dietitian: It may be different than you expect!

What do you think of when you hear the term Registered Dietitian? Do you automatically think of the “food police”, or a skinny, extremist that will demonize all of the foods you hold dear, and leave you crying in your last bowl of ice cream? 514 more words

Behavior Change

Leaders: Don’t Let a Little Motivation “Dip” Become a Big Performance Management “Fail”

After analyzing four years of check-in data, Gold’s Gym found that February 18th is the date with the steepest drop-off in gym attendance. By looking at the self-reported health club check-in data of Facebook users, a recent Wall Street Journal article found that… 347 more words

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Small Change of the Week: Eat backwards

Did you know:

Over many generations, we have changed our eating habits and now tend to eat our biggest meals at the end of the day, as that is often the best time to sit and truly enjoy our food. 186 more words



By: Katie Jones, CVT

Many of us are familiar with the yellow “seeds” that appear on our horses’ legs during summer months as bot eggs, but what exactly can we do to prevent these recurring parasites each year? 467 more words