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By Caitlin Kelly

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I enjoy blogging and really enjoy the wit and wisdom of those who often make time to comment — ksbeth, modernidiot, ashokbhatia, rami ungar, kathleen r and others. 508 more words


Wiped Away

I have three children under seven. To be consistent in disciplining them I had to make a chart to keep record.

As I wiped away all the “offenses” to prepare for a new day the Lord reminded me of scripture in Lamentations: the mercies of the Lord are new every morning. 24 more words



Hari ini saya melihat sebuah poster yang dipasang di halte bus di kota Oulu, Finlandia. Poster tersebut ingin menyadarkan masyarakat bahwa cyber bullying (nettikiusaaminen) itu sangat berbahaya dan bekas lukanya tidak bisa dihilangkan. 293 more words


Stormy Week

This week has been one heck of a stress ball.  The whole week has been one roller coaster after another.

But today I saw some sunlight at the end of that storm. 370 more words

Comedy equals serious politics

Comedy and a sense of humor have been a saving grace for me for as long as I can remember.  When I was a cub scout I had to come up with an American Indian name that described me, so because I loved to run and laugh I took the name of “Laughing Deer”.  376 more words