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Decisions, Decisions.

Dinosaur: Trust your gut.

Digital Ninja: If your goals are clear and your data is good you’ll never need to use your gut. Tweet this… 85 more words

A reply to me in the form of a letter to editor

Not long ago there was a letter to the editor that took exception to that which I wrote. It was not a particularly strong exception, but one that was present just the same. 287 more words


Midnight Awakenings and Other Beliefs

“I can’t do it,” I muttered. “She wants us to stand there, but we can’t do it all night. We just can’t.” We sat there in the darkness of the living room, where we had adjourned for the evening, when around midnight, Lily woke up with exasperated cries like someone who’s running away from an ax murderer. 794 more words


Step 10

Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it.

The twelve step program is a powerful spiritual journey of discovery, change, and recovery for those suffering from any form of addiction.  602 more words

Self Improvement

Dealing with hard days

So we had a very emotional afternoon after transitional kindergarten today.  I took away my son’s iPad for the day after his behavior at school.  He had refused to clean up his blocks after play time and had tried to hit his teacher when she insisted.   312 more words

Leveraging Diversity

I’ve posted my thoughts on diversity a number of times, but I want to revisit the topic because I attended a discussion earlier this week on innovation and diversity. 667 more words


I’m impressed by the humble eloquence used by this wealthy, white dude (arguably the most influential tech CEO in the world, Tim Cook) who acknowledges…

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