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Study Like D.J. Tanner

Oh, Full House. You have given us so very many important life lessons.

As a child of the 80’s and one of three sisters myself, I especially related to this show. 663 more words


Just Pulling Your Leg

A few years ago Octomom was all the rage in our news.  Can you imagine?  A woman gives birth to octuplets!  Then last May we heard about Octogoat, a young goat born with eight legs in Croatia!  371 more words


Where Have My Words Gone?

When I am on the computer, I love to do Buzzfeed quizzes in my spare time. While I was watching my video walk through I noticed that I had a difficult time explaining why I like going to this website. 192 more words

Field Notes

Aren't People the Worst?

Do you know who I hate? People. Almost all of them.

Believe me, I’m all for the “don’t worry what other people think of you” mindset, I’ve got the hair to prove it on most days (and I’m not just talking about on my head), but that doesn’t mean that you, as a human, are allowed to go through life as though you’re the only one left on the planet. 508 more words


People - a Reflection

Human kindness comes to some but not so much to other’s such as common sense. Treat one another as you would want to be treated. Is that such the case with people who think they are better than others? 285 more words


Behavior Management Means Preventing Problems Before They Start

Talking about Behavior Management, or what Patricia Friedrich called: Positive Peace

Positive Peace is when you provide a harmonic environment for the students to learn. You can achieve this goal through some simple actions: 205 more words


My Dog Is A Breedist

Yes, some dogs are breedists, from what I find especially shih tzus, who are also famous for eating their own poop. Oh the joys of a shih tzu. 246 more words

Life With Pets