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Turning point

When is the turning point in your life?
What makes you question yourself and what changes you?
I really believe that there were some pretty particular moments in my life that changed me somehow. 237 more words


On Spanking/Child Abuse

The other day, I came across these two articles:

A.) The Psychology of Spanking

B.) Pro-Spanking Studies May Have Global Effect

Regardless of source biases which may be present (news that titles itself as “American”), I’d like to address the points and statistics made by both sides of the spanking argument. 1,525 more words

Saying "Thanks"

The U.S. has Thanksgiving (the 4th Thursday in November*) and Japan has Labor-Thanksgiving Day (勤労感謝の日, November 23). Both are about giving thanks, and part of that is about simply saying, “Thank you.” 45 more words


Thank You!!!!

  In honor of Thanksgiving, I wanted to share this post to say thanks to everyone who follows and reads the blog.

One of the things that I do not do as frequently as necessary is the just saying thanks to those who are on my team or to those that I appreciate. 61 more words

Leadership Lab

Handling the Holidays: preparing your child with Autism for the holiday season


• Decorate in stages, rather than changing everything at once. While holiday decorations are fun and festive, to a kiddo with autism the changes to a household can be sensory overload. 462 more words



Hi Bitches,

Now I shall explain a little bit about my utopian religion. I must ask you again to be understanding, polite, respectful and calm. … 553 more words