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Kid + Google Play = Financial problems

I balanced the checkbook this morning and found two purchases for Google Play at two bucks a pop.  The kid has already been told that she has to ask to make a purchase.   171 more words


To Change or Not To Change

David Brooks and Gail Collins co-write a great weekly column for the New York Times called The Conversation. Here’s an exchange about relationships from their… 557 more words


Manipulating your mind with music

Scary — as we are getting better at quantifying the cognitive ramifications of unpacked melodic compounds, we are giving to business better tools with which to manipulate us (see my previous blog on how music can spur you to spend more). 1,156 more words


Kath & Kim & Bogans

I detest “bogan”.  I try to never slip into using it.  It’s the same with Kath and Kim – I’ve watched it, and won’t again. 163 more words


The Days Are Just Packed

“Rest days are self love”

My new favorite quote by a friend of mine. SO TRUE and SO IMPORTANT!

I forced myself to take a day off today. 86 more words


Is Writing an Art?

Is writing an art? Some will say yes while others contend it isn’t anything near. I believe it is without a doubt. Why do you think I’m a believer? 333 more words


Get it together people!!

Maybe I need to get a better class of friends ;-) Those that can handle their alcohol!! LOL!!