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Stories in Marketing Work

Tell Yours if you Want People to Give a Damn

Everyone goes on about telling your story in your marketing. This is why:

People find good stories captivating.


Children and Pets! by Guest Author Ashley

Rusty Duck Homestead is so happy to have Ashley back with another wonderful article for our readers! Stacie and I would like to Thank her for being a wonderful addition to the Rusty Duck Homestead family! 433 more words


Related Services Continued

Related Services is such a broad area that we’ve dedicated two shows to cover more of this very important part of the IEP process.


Air Date July 22, 2014


Foster Parenting for Fun and Profit

Want to drive a social biologist crazy?  Look them in the eye and ask them to explain “altruism” in 25 words or less.  It’s fun to watch them stammer and melt.   402 more words


kindness is magic

I absolutely love our advanced classes. These are the Teams that might have started out with a simple goal of a single puppy class, or practicing a good recall, or a fun tricks class, and then for whatever reason, they continue, and grow, and gain an advanced set of skills. 470 more words

Nancy Tanner

Loon legs

The signature bird of the northern forests, the Common Loon, is an adept swimmer and diver, a speedy flyer (up to 70 mph on migration), but a pathetic walker. 250 more words