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Tips for fighting bad financial habits

Apps that might help nudge you into financial health

Willpowering up. The Web site StickK, co-founded by two Yale University professors, is designed for those times when willpower isn’t enough to achieve your goals. 110 more words

Behavioral Economics

The "New" Science of Scarcity

The puzzle with the “development puzzle” is we’ve been asking the wrong questions. Or rather, asking questions in the wrong way. One of the largest innovations in engineering in the last century has been “fault tolerant engineering”; the idea of designing machines and products to minimize the potential mistakes humans may make. 650 more words


We should try to avoid jumping to conclusions

The Irrationality of Irrationality: The Paradox of Popular Psychology

In 1996, Lyle Brenner, Derek Koehler and Amos Tversky conducted a study involving students from San Jose State University and Stanford University. 166 more words

Behavioral Economics

Laugh or Cry?

Ezra Klein (formerly of The Washington Post) has a new venture (Vox) dedicated to what he calls “explanatory journalism” and which offers consistently progressive “explanations” for various policies by a talented but ideologically pure staff. 879 more words

Behavioral Biases

What exactly is "feeling good"?

Happiness and Its Discontents

What does it mean to be happy? The answer to this question once seemed obvious to me. To be happy is to be satisfied with your life. 147 more words

Behavioral Economics

Did evolution promote alcoholism?

Drunken Monkeys: Does Alcoholism Have an Evolutionary Basis?

As the child of an alcoholic father, Robert Dudley long wondered what caused the destructive allure of alcohol. 96 more words

Behavioral Economics