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Does the language of finance hide the truth?

Money Talks. Learning the language of finance.

The most important mystery of ancient Egypt concerned the annual inundation of the Nile floodplain. The calendar was divided into three seasons linked to the river and the agricultural cycle it determined: akhet, or the inundation; peret, the growing season; and shemu, the harvest. 139 more words

Behavioral Economics

Retail Therapy – Even for Doctors!


More Than Just Shopping?

[By Rick Kahler CFP® http://www.KahlerFinancial.com

“It’s not just shopping, it’s retail therapy.”

As a bumper sticker or a joke between friends, this may be amusing. 746 more words

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What is "Behavioral Economics", anyway?

Behavioral economics includes several nuanced and overlapping concepts that can make it difficult to determine a practical application. A recent collaboration between several leading economists and market analysts has yielded a  127 more words

Behavioral Economics

Do we really have to keep buying useless junk to keep the economy going?

Warning: This one is nerdier than normal*.

This blog’s last post, “The happiness scam”, got an unusual amount of attention. I think the issues of materialism, consumerism, and greed and their toxic effects on our wellbeing must resonate with readers. 1,067 more words


Are our brains computing machines?

From photography to supercomputers: how we see ourselves in our inventions

Back in 2008, the technologist Ray Kurzweil estimated that the processing power of the human brain was in the region of 20 quadrillion calculations per second and that, as soon as we developed a supercomputer fast enough, simulating the brain would just be a problem of getting the software right. 128 more words

Behavioral Economics