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How to feel in control as food consumers

Emotions and Eating: A Marketer’s Dream?

Both research and popular media tell us that emotions and eating are intrinsically related. How many times have we seen a character in a TV show reaching for the ice-cream tub when feeling particularly down or after a breakup? 108 more words

Behavioral Economics

Would you like to donate your kidneys or play a game of Russian roulette?

Would you rather play a game of Russian roulette to win any kind of prize than donate an organ to save a dying love one? Because both situations are life-threatening, a rational person is more likely not to participate in either scenario. 498 more words


Why do poor people make bad decisions?

In their new book, Scarcity: Why Having Too Little Means So Much, economist Sendhil Mullainathan and psychologist Eldar Shafir team up to tackle the question of how scarcity impacts decision-making behavior. 909 more words


piracy & media economics - two brief notes

Two important thoughts when debating online file sharing & piracy

I was recently contacted by a Research Economist at the Central Bank of Sweden (Sveriges Riksbank), as he was surveying the landscape of expert opinion in the field, as part of an estimative study of… 409 more words


Is it better to choose unconsciously?

When To Think Less About Your Choices

Smart people have a tendency to think hard about the choices they make. Who are you going to marry? 122 more words

Behavioral Economics

"Follow me: I'm a role model"

Though significant improvements to health can be achieved through policy change (making healthier choices the default option) and through the smart use of behavioral economic principles (like rewards and incentives), many health promotion programs suffer from an inherent bias: they primarily help only those who are ready to help themselves. 339 more words

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Can fast-food restaurants make money with healthy food?

Burger King Stores Discontinue Satisfries as Sales Fizzle

Lower-fat French fries won’t be sold anymore in most Burger King (BKW) restaurants. About two-thirds of Burger King Worldwide Inc. 110 more words

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