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Are procrastination and self-discipline the same phenomenon?

Getting over procrastination

Want to hear my favorite procrastination joke? I’ll tell you later. Piers Steel, a psychologist at the University of Calgary, has saved up countless such lines while researching the nature of procrastination. 106 more words

Behavioral Economics

What makes you unhappy?

Love People, Not Pleasure

ABD AL-RAHMAN III was an emir and caliph of Córdoba in 10th-century Spain. He was an absolute ruler who lived in complete luxury. 133 more words

Behavioral Economics

How to make a great first impression

The psychology of first impressions – digested

You’ll have had this experience – you meet a new person and within moments you feel good or bad vibes about them. 95 more words

Behavioral Economics


In the Northern Hemisphere at least, the Summer holidays are upon us. So for a lot of us it’s time to pack our bags and get somewhere we can relax, put our feet up, and catch up on some reading. 479 more words

Behavioural Economics

Isaiah 38

Scripture: from verse 15

I will go humbly all my years,
remembering how bitter I was.

Observation:  The chapter begins with King Hezekiah getting sick, and God sending Isaiah to tell Hezekiah that he was going to die.  

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Do diverse teams perform better?

When it comes to hiring people, many organizations tend to aim for diversity (at least they say they do). People from different backgrounds could bring different perspectives to the same problem. 1,249 more words

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