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Little Things the Make Life Worth Living

So often we look at the things that make us not want to live.  We don’t look at the little things in life that are so simple and yet make us smile.  342 more words

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Redundant Paperwork

I am a Licensed Registered Nurse. That being said, it is understood that I have graduated from a nursing program offered by an institute of higher education. 97 more words



Mindfulness. The word alone makes me cringe a bit inside after the absurd amount of times I’ve heard it in various hospitals and treatment centers. Ick. 411 more words


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It is so hard to be mindful. I struggle with staying in the moment all the time. This sums up exactly why we should be mindful though! Excellent reminder!

Bridging the Gap # 3

If the first half of your 2014 was anything like it was here at MINES, it was jam-packed with exciting changes and new prospects. But don’t worry if the year has not been as busy as you’d prefer since we still have nearly half a year of opportunity before 2015. 529 more words

Funerals and Mental Illness

This week’s submission to Stigmama

When you have a mental illness is like perpetually being at a wake for a funeral. I am sure many you are scratching your heads because you cannot fathom how the two are alike. 1,112 more words


Anxiety Wins Again

Since my therapy session on Friday morning my anxiety has been absolutely ridiculous.  Normally I have somewhat of an on and off low grade general anxiety and a very high social anxiety.  296 more words

Mental Health

I have previously added a post relating to the Stigma towards BPD (Common Misconceptions And Myths Attached To BPD, Lets Get a Few Things Straight!.  671 more words

Mental Health/ BPD

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There are a lot of misconceptions about BPD. Wish more people would understand that it is not always all about attention. Mental illness is serious - suicide is serious, self harm is serious. No mental illness is about seeking attention. How mental illness comes out is just how mental illness works!