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"You Don't Have to Try to Change"

I just heard this song and it is a great message for many, especially our youth. So many people try to change themselves to please others, whether the way they look or even act. 51 more words


Teenage Rebellion

Teenage Rebellion…
is a problem today.
As many kids go against…
what their parents say.
It leads to mistakes…
and causes many to stray.
As this rebellious spirit… 164 more words


Believed... and Deceived

Many of us have been hurt by deception in our lives. Lies are told and wounds are inflicted. But God knows all truth. Trust Him to help you. 99 more words


Workplace Abuse Checklist

Workplace Abuse Checklist

by Stephanie A. Mayberry, m.voices.yahoo.com

Psychological violence, mobbing, harassment and other forms of workplace abuse have remained out of the lime light for a variety of reasons. 102 more words


Mes nuits sont plus belles que vos jours ("We're up all night to get lucky!")

In the late eighties, Sophie Marceau had all teenagers sweat when she starred in: “My Nights Are More Beautiful Than Your Days” (Mes nuits sont plus belles que vos jours). 553 more words


Playing The Role Of Animal Control Officer

I didn’t really have time to tell the story earlier, but I can now since I am finally back on my comfy couch healing my feeties. 386 more words

‘The way we think about things can itself be highly stressful. If we are critical of ourselves, lose perspective on things, and focus only on the negatives, then this is going to make our depressions much worse.

46 more words