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What's my goal?

I want to pose a question that i don’t think we ask ourselves enough when we interact with our pets, especially when we are trying to get them to do (or stop) something. 504 more words


The Further Adventures of Sparky the Squirrel: Part Two

As I said yesterday, training your dog to listen to you could save its life one day. It certainly saved the life of Sparky the squirrel. 231 more words


Social Conventions

Everyone has a personality. There is no person alive who does not have preferences and favorites; likes and dislikes. Where do these preferences come from though? 749 more words


Easy step by step guide to disciplining your toddler

I bet that heading got your attention, if only there were such a thing. Maybe I haven’t watched enough super nanny. Not being a parent makes parenting look so easy, now that I have a little 18 month old I’ve discovered that awkward between stage where she can’t talk yet but mostly understands my instructions, and yet her impulsive nature often wins over listening to mummy. 727 more words


Using Language to Shape Behaviour

Language is a powerful tool in shaping young children’s behaviour. Using clear understandable vocabulary that is uplifting and thoughtful can be the key to handling a challenging situation and introducing more teaching opportunities. 370 more words


A Text Takes 5s, Don't Be That Guy...

A text/tweet/whatsapp/iMessage is simple, easy and convenient. But so many guys can’t even get this right. There have been so many occasions when a girl is waiting by her phone wondering what you are up to, for no other reason other than the fact that she is thinking about you, and you can’t take the 5 seconds out of your day to tell her what you are up to. 215 more words


6 Strategies to Manage Anxiety in Your Home

Negative behaviour is a child responding to anxiety.

For instance hearing “No” triggers a response in all of us. We want something that we can’t have and we feel bad about it. 691 more words