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Changing bonds

So it’s been up and down, you might say.

But the horses have coped with the situation admirably.

In some ways, we expect far too much of them: that they should cope with prolonged incarceration, with solitary confinement, with our tensions, ambitions and fears. 373 more words



I have mentioned that Matt Banks has been out to help me and Jet with groundwork. The images above are from the first session. 997 more words


Tiger sharks: Each to their own diving depth

Despite some broad similarities, the diving behaviour of tiger sharks appears to vary greatly amongst individuals. 


Can you relate to these scenarios? – I bet you can!

For any pet owner your dog or cat can leave you baffled at times – here are a few examples!

(a)  Your dog is standing patiently by the back door trying to use mind control to open it, so you let them out – surely they need a call of nature? 206 more words


To thine own self be true

People talk about being authentic, about being true to themselves, about congruence and integrity.

Yet we are all aware that we behave differently in different environments. 646 more words


A Way To Relax


I made a relaxing jar and it really works! I adjusted the contents so that when the jar is shaken it takes approximately 3 minutes to settle. 39 more words


"What" and "Why"

Last night I shared a quote by Sue Ailsby, from her free The Sue Ailsby Collection which can be found on her website. The quote generated a lot more response than I had anticipated when I posted it, so i’d like to take a closer look! 392 more words