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Top Ten Discipline Mistakes

This is my list of Top Ten Discipline Mistakes that lead to tiny terrors running around the house!

1. Caving in to poor behaviour!

Tantrums, whining and other poor behaviours need to be answered with follow through and confidence! 352 more words


10 Practical Tips to Create Obedient Children

Ten Practical Tips to Create Obedient Children!

1. Set them up for success by having their attention before you deliver an instruction.

2. Speak clearly and in a low tone when correcting. 119 more words


Opportunity, not necessity, is the mother of invention

Whether you are a human being or an orangutan, tools can be a big help in getting what you need to survive.

However, a review of current research into the use of tools by non-human primates suggests that ecological opportunity, rather than necessity, is the main driver behind primates such as chimpanzees picking up a stone to crack open nuts. 475 more words


Simple Solution to Nagging!

Sick of nagging your little ones to do as their told?

Find yourself on constant repeat when it comes to dishing out chores or responsibilities?? … 329 more words