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Mating for Life Part 4: Why are Animals Monogamous?

  • Why are animals monogamous?

As we’ve seen in previous posts (about birds, mammals and insects), monogamy is common in some parts of the animal kingdom and rare in others, but the way in which it is practised varies a great deal. 740 more words


Between debilitation and satiation: The behavioural space

This is the second part of series of posts describing what I call the Engagement Theory of Motivation and which I have found useful during my working career. 1,616 more words


Internet trolls and the school playground

As a child, if ever I came home from school complaining of people calling me names, my mother would say: “Ignore them. Otherwise they’ll do it even more. 1,038 more words

Professional Dilemmas

watseducation reblogged this on Wats-Education - from the inside looking out. and commented:

I read this piece earlier this evening and could not help but feel it was loaded with truth and reflected scenarios that I have seen and dealt with almost on a daily basis in school. As I find myself drawn deeper and deeper into the 'rabbit-hole' that is Social Media, you find it more and more often. One only needs to read the comments on a Sky Sports news story, or a comedy photograph on Facebook and it begin almost immediately. Yet rather than leave these people to it and leave them to their opinions, we fight back and 'Feed the Trolls'. That's when the trouble usually starts... I like many others have 2 Twitter identities and as time has passed there is less and less link between my personal and professional accounts, to the point where I rarely use the personal one. Using Twitter professionally has meant that the majority of the people I communicate with are like minded education professionals, which means that there isn't that much 'Trolling', perhaps a light hearted jibe from someone seeking debate or as a way of instigating reasonable discussion, I have never seen it get 'nasty'. I am sure others might have other stories. To quote: http://newteachersblog.wordpress.com/2013/08/08/internet-trolls-and-the-school-playground/ "The blogosphere is a very big playground. Most people in the playground know how to play nicely. But in every playground, there are highly-skilled, expert name-calling wind-up merchants. Their influence relies on people taking notice of them." I wonder if this is just another facet of the old fashioned playground bully? The one who whispers in another child's ear: "Hey, guess what I heard Barney just say! True Story!" And then having ilt the blue touch paper, retires to a safe distance. The difference is that as teachers, we always knew who that kid was and kept an eye out accordingly! The 'troll' can be nameless and faceless and cowardly. Hiding under their appointed bridge. They can hide behind a false online identity, which they do for the sole purpose that the 'man in the mask' is harder to find. I honestly feel sorry for those people who have nothing better to do than insult, offend, falsely accuse or otherwise incite others, just to sit back and watch the chaos that follows. Should any accusation be based in truth, then there is a proper way to make those allegations, and I'm not entirely sure that Social Media is the right place to do it. I suspect that Trolling will never become professional nor will it become an Olympic sport, and unless in some peculiar parallel universe that comes to fruition, I shall stick to my opinion that: I Pity the Troll!   They clearly have a very empty life!  

How to - with the Idiot. No.3 Survive a Hail Storm.

Well – That was fun! On Friday morning there was a heavy downpour, but then the skies cleared up, so I took the Idiot and Mr Spaghetti Legs for a quick walk round the block. 526 more words


Teachers struggling with behaviour need support, not ridicule

Asking for help with behaviour management is not a sign of incompetence. Elizabeth Holmes suggests adopting an approach to development based on evidence and understanding could help to reduce fear and stress. 609 more words



How will you go?
Will it be fast or slow?

They will know to be humble
In your transitioning glow.

The hummingbird will slow his wings… 42 more words


In the green sward of Devon

Pi wasn’t the only horse Jet and Jasper needed to meet. Borange and Hilly share the field.

They are older, in their twenties now, and seemed a little discomfited by the extravagant antics of Pi and the newcomers. 102 more words