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European Court's ruling on obesity is not as idiotic as it may appear

Last week the headlines all reportedĀ that the European Court of Justice had made a ruling that obesity could beĀ a disability and they all implied that here was another ruling by learned judges which contradicted common sense. 385 more words


Eastern Medicine: An Embodied Animist Model of Health

In Ayurveda, one of the most ancient healing systems in the world, dated at approximately 6th century BC, illnesses are considered to be psycho-somatic in nature. 2,082 more words

Highly Sensitive Children

FBI gets it wrong about N Korea and the Sony hack - deliberately?

I was listening to Sean Sullivan of F Secure on BBC radio today and I find his arguments that the FBI has got it wrong quite convincing. 803 more words


Friday Philosophy - my Funniest "PC Support" Call in Years

Those of us who work in IT often find ourselves being called by friends and relatives to help with issues they have with their home computer. 675 more words

Friday Philosophy

Season of Goodwill!

For most people the season of goodwill has ceased to exist. People are so wrapped up in themselves and their desires, and goals, that they do not stop to think how unnecessary their behavior is, and how their treatment of others, often just with one word, can significantly impact someone’s day. 1,892 more words

Wolves which adapt to humans will be the wolves which survive

The endangered species on earth are mainly those which are failures. Species which fail to adapt to the loss of habitat as the human species succeeds. 599 more words