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Mating for Life Part 1: Monogamy in Birds

The animal kingdom is full of different mating strategies both of terms of the physical ‘deed’ and courting/attracting mates. Mating is when a male and female of the same species (or genus) come together to… 862 more words


Keeper Of Secrets

Since I’m always just there not being consequential or anything, I’m victim to an enormous hunger. And I’m talking about the tummy AND the brain. There are basically two things I run on – food and lotsa food and silent judgments and observations of the fabulous and consequential people around me. 419 more words


A good telling-off

Jade has just called Prudence a “fat slag”, loudly enough for the whole class to hear, and you don’t want her to behave like this again.  590 more words


You're 'avin' a larf ain' ya?

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On Monday afternoon I went out for a short walk. I had been playing my guitar out in the rear garden and on my return indoors found the house empty. 454 more words


A Second Date/Bonus Post

As the title would suggest I had my second rendez-vous with the woman I am now dating.  We have arranged for a third so that makes it officially a trend.   1,756 more words

Bipolar II

What did a PRU do for me?

“Children must be taught that they are worth being heard, being saved and being loved.” – Unknown Quote

When I decided to leave mainstream education after just 2 and a half years, it was last chance saloon. 770 more words


Pre-Manhattan Madness

Only 2 days before I have to try and achieve the necessary escape velocity to leave Cornwall. I am still scrambling to pull everything together for my trip to… 117 more words