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First official day on the job

So, whilst I’ve been attending the lectures, working in the tutorials and even observing in an actual classroom, there was nothing that quite prepared me for standing in front of a group of 30 students and trying to teach them something. 750 more words


Tony Blair is still trying to justify his Iraq idiocy

The Iraq war, where Tony Blair played poodle to George Bush, was prosecuted on a lie. They didn’t like Saddam Hussain and so they got rid of him. 1,353 more words


Near wins hook compulsive gamblers

Near wins spur compulsive gamblers on to keep gambling in hopes of winning, but not so much ordinary people.  This has been known for a while from behavioural studies.  574 more words


Miniature wildlife rescue.

There was a stretch of road on my way to school that overlooked people’s gardens. The top was wild with bramble and stinging nettles and was home to many creepy crawlies (technical term). 180 more words


French toast in English tea

Today is St. George’s Day apparently. For those unaware, St.George is the patron saint of England (and a few others too according to Wikipedia) and there are those who celebrate it and are annoyed we don’t have a public holiday for it. 729 more words


What's Your Money Story? (Part 1)

We all have one. It’s as unique as our own fingerprint. And, the impact on us today might be greater than we realize.

It’s taken me time and serious reflection to figure out my own money story. 554 more words

Young Adults And Money

Because GSPs can’t help acting on impulse

We’re working on impulse control at the moment because GSPs don’t seem to have any – or very little.

We had an incident a little while ago which involved Dexter blitzing off after a pheasant that flew up right under his nose. 1,000 more words