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No Baby, Never Hate

Whatever happens,

Even when your heart thickens,

Or your feel sickens-

Just think with some sense.

Know all this is just nonsense.

And never close your heart’s gate,

Never ever hate



When I kneel
By the side of My Mother
As my evening prayer I recite
O Lord Make me Child again
Just for tonight

Daily Life

Fit as a Butchers Dog.

Of an evening, I normally do 40min to an hour on my treadmill, keen to encourage me Ben would often join in (not on the treadmill, we tried that once and he wasn’t impressed). 90 more words


"You have to wear what?"

When I first started becoming verbal about the fact that I was planning on converting to Orthodox Judaism, one of the things that really struck me about the reaction I got from people was how many times I was asked, “So does that mean you have to wear flat shoes from now on?” 1,391 more words

Orthodox Judaism

Philosophy of Tolerance

There’s a practice amongst humans
Where opinions are a vent
To understand the raison d’être
The purpose; no relent
To box in categories how
Just each conjecture lies… 179 more words


Decision-making process: black hole vs clear future

About a week ago a client rang asking for help with a really big prospect. Based on the first sales meeting with the decision-maker she agreed to write a proposal, but having submitted it all had gone quiet. 304 more words


Literacy vs Education

What differentiate you to be called as an educated person not just literate? Humans often muddle literate as being educated. But my view is being educated doesn’t mean you need to be literate and vice-versa. 497 more words