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Africa - Misunderstanding Wild Baboons

A Researcher working in Uganda contacted me some time ago to ask if I could help her understand what was happening to the villagers in her area who had reported that the women were being “sexually harassed” by a troop of baboons. 279 more words


When I was a little child, I went to my first circus. There, before my awestruck eyes, were three rings in full action—performing animals in one, and acrobats leaping and flying through the air in another. 388 more words

Better People

Would you deliberately electric shock your child?

No sane person would punish a child with an electric shock, but many people think it’s okay to use electric shock on their dog.

Is terrorising a dog to stop it doing something acceptable? 131 more words

PAWS For Thought

Why do our dogs lick us?

Why do our dogs like to lick our faces?

Is it because they love us? Is it because we taste good? Is it evolutionary to encourage regurgitation of food? 82 more words

PAWS For Thought

What has a dog's collar got to do with his eyes?

We’d never knowingly harm our dogs, would we.

Did you know that a tight collar or particularly a choke chain can cause not only eye problems but other unexpected problems also? 95 more words

PAWS For Thought

The Anatomy of Emotion and Behavior in Dementia

from Dementia Today

…..found this article really interesting

Emotional and behavioral symptoms are common in dementia and can be major sources of stress to patients and their caregivers. 15 more words


A lost world

When I talk about a lost world, I’m not referring to Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park where lab-born dinosaurs are on a rampage after escaping the confides of an eccentric billionaire’s latest money generating scheme.  554 more words