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The etiquette of tipping

Coming from a culture that doesn’t exactly embrace the ritual of tipping, navigating my way through the maze of differing etiquettes in South America has been interesting to say the least. 181 more words


A Relationship between Banks' Implicit Social Norms and Dishonesty?

In the past years, there have often been cases of fraud in the banking industry, which have led to a considerable loss of image for banks. 214 more words


What factors are currently influencing our behaviour and environment?

Right now in the twenty-first century, our personality and expectations are being shaped by several factors.
The following are some of the factors:

- The rapid growth of communications, information and mobile technology. 199 more words


A phrase for Cosby? - "a darker shade of black"

The richness of a language lies not only in the number of words it commands but also in the manner in which they can be modified or combined to convey some nuance of meaning and… 435 more words


Unraveling You...

You aren’t a book to just read or exposed to this different world, You aren’t even intellectual with most people,
So, what are you exactly ? 404 more words


How do we behave in cities?

It would be a safe assumption that nearly 30-40% of the urban working populace migrate to various cities and towns looking for work. Seeing that people from various parts of the country constitute a large population of cities we live in today, wouldn’t it be wise to have this migrant population sanitized about the etiquette involved with living in that area? 517 more words

100 Smart Cities

The Cat's in The Cradle

No, not really. Although it was one of the things we were worried about when we found out that we were expecting. You never really know how animals will behave around children, especially newborns. 403 more words