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So I Just Got My Arse Handed to Me at Work...


For those of you who aren’t a close personal friend and/or don’t read my other blog (internatcartwheelarts.wordress.com), I am an intern for an arts charity, they run tons of super cool projects. 218 more words


A simple but effective use case for a social platform: Beating those problems with scheduling meetings

Having problems scheduling meetings? Can’t get time in diaries?

Sometimes you just can’t all get together for a meeting. And that can slow a project or initiative down. 45 more words


Teaching at a grammar school

I currently teach maths at a girls’ grammar school. I realise I may have instantly lost the attention of a great many readers who have a tougher job. 791 more words

Referendum Fiasco

As the world will be aware, the majority of the Scottish people voted against an independent Scotland, preferring to remain in the United Kingdom. There was only a 10% difference, so really the vote was very close. 766 more words

Scenes from a coffee shop part 7

It has been a troublesome journey from the Southside to Glasgow University, full of suicide pedestrians jacked into the hand held devises and cyclists without helmets. 790 more words


What's Normal?

Is it that those who cannot, will not or do not conform to the societal model i.e. free thinkers, or breakers of tradition are forever to be judged and boxed by society, whether artistic, autistic or agnostic?  748 more words


Where are your manners?

Last week when I picked S up from nursery, he ran back in to make sure he said bye to all his class mates and said bye and high-fived his teacher. 354 more words