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Unsung Brilliance - The Rise of Leslie Vernon

Or as I like to call it, “the better (far better, so much superior) Cabin in the Woods.”

Yeah, that’s right. And I’m not taking it back, either… 1,172 more words


Living with Integrity!

Living with Integrity! – That sounds like a simple statement; easy enough don’t you think? But what is integrity and what does living with integrity truly mean for each of us? 1,116 more words

Behind The Mask

How is Your Online Selfie?

Like most people I have a reasonable level of patience, more in some circumstances and less in others, a number of internal and external influences determine at which point frustration kicks in and I, like others, are then free to make a choice do we; act, walk-away, stay silent or change tact! 551 more words

Behind The Mask

In The Darkest Place of Love

In the darkest place of love
Is where scars are hidden
Only the same person
Will truly see you
Who will see the bullshit
Behind the mask… 165 more words


Citazione della settimana n. 36

You sit around in the strangest place

So take off the mask, so I can see your face

Who do you love?
Is it me, is it him? 51 more words

Michael Jackson