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27th Floor Window

Rained last night. When I got up this early this morning, the sky was once again beautiful. So, of course I grabbed my camera and headed to the rooftop. 16 more words

Beijing Youjian

San Lun Che with Tricycle

San lun che means “three wheel vehicle”. So, these both could technically be called san lun ches. I guess they could also both be called tricycles. 157 more words

Beijing Youjian

Cooler on a San Lun Che

Once again, finding the right vehicle for the job.

If you look at the crankset, you’ll see that the chain is chain is missing. So, this san lun che is reliant on engine-power only. 33 more words

Beijing Youjian

Boxes and Flowers

I’ve been working on this image periodically over the last couple of weeks. Playing around with the cropping, vibrance, saturation, and so forth. Also, trying to remove the taillight in the right-hand corner since it is distracting. 56 more words

Beijing Youjian

In Front of this Lion...

and the other one guarding the gate, I saw four people (three grandmas and a man my age) standing side-by-side, some with their hands on their hips. 62 more words

Beijing Youjian

Morning Stacks

These stacks of tins have been set-out most mornings when I’ve walked by this neighborhood shop. I’m pretty sure they’ll be used to steam dumplings. 21 more words

Beijing Youjian