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Flowers. Pretty Flowers.

No, I don’t know what type of flowers these are. The wife doesn’t know, either.

Beijing Youjian


One of the first pictures I took on July 10th. Unlike 4:58 and 5:07, which were taken from the top of the apartment complex, this one was taken out my (Ninth floor) kitchen window. 27 more words

Beijing Youjian

Another from Yesterday

This one was taken not far from my apartment complex. The building on the right has appeared in a number of my shots.

Beijing Youjian

Building. Wires. Clouds. Sky.

And, just like that, the white clouds and blue skies are back here in the northern capital of the middle kingdom.

I took this picture around 3 pm, when the AQI was 57 (Moderate). 14 more words

Beijing Youjian

Young Romance

Taken with the DMC-GX7. A fair amount of cropping on the shot. Once again impressed with the depth of field of the 14-42 mm lens.

Beijing Youjian

Looking Down the Third

Taken from a pedestrian overpass as I crossed over the (North) Third Ring Road. I was on my way to Jin Wu Xing to buy some assorted things for the apartment.

Beijing Youjian