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Will You Be Chosen?

Matthew 22:14 (New King James Version)–Jesus said, “For many are called but few are chosen.”

Everyone is invited to follow Jesus,
But only a few accept Him into their hearts and live for Him. 605 more words

Faith In God

Day 1907 - I Hate...Ahem...Am Not A Fan Of Christian Movies

Christian movies, oh Christian movies. I have not been a fan in my life. To me it’s hard to watch these actors act out life situations that are real, but through dialogue that is soooooo unbelievable. 530 more words


Learning Boundaries

I nearly fell of a cliff.

These past 3 weeks have been an interesting experiment in testing boundaries.

Before you start thinking I’ve been taking too many risks with seaside walks, the cliffs and boundaries are metaphors, but no less real to me. 1,511 more words

Being A Husband

Homily on the fact that we all need help

It’s easy to suggest that if only everybody made the effort to be good, and to stop being bad, then the world’s problems would be solved. 1,088 more words


The Lord Is With You

(A Poem)

When things get tough
The Lord will be with you
It may seem rough
But He really is with you
It may be hard to believe… 205 more words

Faith In God


So much crime
Is what we read
All the time
And what we need
Is to pray
Without Delay
Put the world in God’s hands… 164 more words

Faith In God

His High Commandments to us

The need for Christians to keep the mitsvah or commandments of the Old Testament are debated. With over 600 commandments in the Old Testament, finding their relevance in the life of a Christian can at times be difficult. 274 more words