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Day 1987 - Everything In Life Is A Puzzle

One thing about me not everyone knows is that I LOVE puzzles. Give me a puzzle, and I’m happy. Kid’s puzzle, happy. 3D puzzle, happy. Computer puzzle, happy. 253 more words

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On doing God's will

Frances writes on next Sunday’s Readings :-   Here is a focus on obedience, on what God requires of his creation. Now for us moderns, with our strongly developed sense of our own individuality and autonomy, this is a difficult concept. 909 more words

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Homily on Giving and Receiving

One of the lovely things about the birthday of Jesus is that the best present we can give him is to give presents to others; and by presents I don’t just mean things we buy in the shops, but more importantly things we actually do for one another. 992 more words


Wrapped in Christ

Frances writes on this Sunday’s readings :- Those of us awake enough may be pondering why it is that our gospel John 1:6-8.19-28 is a repetition of Mark’s version of this story. 922 more words

Texts From Frances

Day 1976 - It Still Brings Tears To My Eyes

You know finances are a regular topic here, mostly because God has taught and continues to teach us A LOT. (Read that as – God has taken us through some rough financial times.) 387 more words

Being A Christian

The Root of It All and a Message of Hope

Inequality. Injustice. Prejudice. Discrimination. Racism. Anger. Hatred. Murder. Evil

The root of the problem can be summed up in one word: SIN. The only solution to sin is Jesus Christ. 648 more words

Being A Christian

On God at the end as at the beginning

Last year 18 year old Stephen Sutton was told he had only a short time to live, but instead of descending into despair, he decided to do something with the rest of his life, and over the Internet he managed to raise £3.2 Million to help find a cure for Teenage Cancer. 1,065 more words