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What kind of Christian are you?

We all know this one person who claims to be a Christian but everything about that person contradicts that fact.

They treat people horribly.

If they happen to be a boss, they owe people salaries. 575 more words

Adedoyin Jaiyesimi

Why are parents so protective?

By looking at recent events online and in the newspaper, I’ve realized that parents are very protective of their children. In the Bible, God says to protect your children, but does he mean that you should sacrifice yourself to save your child/children?

Being A Christian

Homily on Rest, Work and Pray

HOMILY for 3rd Ordinary Sunday

In 1939 Nicholas Winton was in Prague and realised that the Nazis would soon be invading and that many Jewish people faced a horrible fate. 1,125 more words


Day 2023 - Guest Post By Bret - Reflections On Living With Other People For Two Years

Just over two years ago, Jen and I moved back into her parent’s house, due to financial reasons. We had lived at the apartment for the first three years of our marriage. 829 more words


Day 2022 - Rend Collective Concert

Over the last few years, I really haven’t been to a concert. It has been a mix of no time, trying to save money and just making excuses. 232 more words

Being A Christian

The Encounter with God

Frances writes on this Sunday’s readings :- It is always difficult to imagine what kind of events would cause us to completely change our behaviour and our way of life, and many of us may in fact find this concept rather alien. 1,032 more words

Texts From Frances

Day 2020 - A Lesson Relearned And Utilized Today

I’m going to say again, depression is one of my biggest struggles in life. Since I’ve been working from home, it’s been a MUCH bigger struggle. 677 more words

Being A Christian