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Don’t call Thais short.

In the US, if you call someone fat, it is considered insulting, even if it is true. It’s more polite to say “heavy” or “big”. But in Thailand, the word “fat” does not have the same weight because it’s the height that means the most. 682 more words


The Weekend of Rachael

I have this story to tell, but I started writing it a week ago, and then I thought, “Wouldn’t this be so cool if I did it to the tune of the theme song from… 746 more words


Rant: The Eternal Female Struggle Bus

Statement: I need to practice violin.

Complication: I can’t practice in my dorm; I have to practice in a practice room in the Old Capitol Mall which is a good ten minute walk from Daum (my residence hall). 561 more words


The Terrifying Thing We Have to Stop Telling Girls About Beauty

I’ve been asked to explain what it’s like to grow up female too many times to count. I’m kidding. No one ever asks that. But whatever, I can’t wait around for someone to call me up, ask thoughtful questions about being a woman, and then schedule a convenient time to sit at the end of my bed with rapt attention as I launch into “the story.” This blog is firstly, things that are important to me, even if no one else is listening. 959 more words


the bloggers food diary: girls on girls...

If there is one thing you should know about me it is this.

I don’t make a habit of wearing dresses quite as revealing as the above. 877 more words

Twenty Something

A short reflection of my past

Just a snippet I wanted to share:

I was always a “tomboy” throughout most of my life. During my youth, my time was spent exploring the nearby woods and parks of my hometown. 793 more words


Walk Through A Girl's Life

I hear people around me

I can’t see them yet

I would be able to see them once I am born though

I am inside my mother right now… 694 more words