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Fighting off the LA Heat (As a girl)

Okay, so this current heat wave is ri-dic-ulous. It’s funny, I always seem to think there is some sort of relief come September since we’re getting close to Fall, but it’s always seems the hottest! 196 more words

13 thoughts you have as a girl

You have uncontrollable mood swings, you cry a lot, you have big ideals that are mostly unattainable and you get bad stomach pains on a monthly basis…yep welcome to the world of being a girl. 307 more words


Out of Date

I’m trying something. To embed an article I wrote for Convo into this page.

If it doesn’t work, I apologise. Here’s a joke so that your trip here wasn’t a complete waste of time: 133 more words


The Beauty of Interning at a Start Up

This year, I enjoyed the beautiful privilege of interning for a local business called Knotty.  It’s a startup that creates ADORABLE hair accessories that seriously can double as bracelets and necklaces.   773 more words

Selah's Posts

yes! i'm a girl..©

I’m bit crazy
and sometimes bit mad too

i laugh out loud
but i’m used to fake a smile

i scream at a cockroach
but i move with human wolves… 71 more words


Vacation, Had To Get Away

It’s time.

I am taking this week off (well , as much as any momma can take a week off).

My boys and I will be traveling, my husband and I will be chillin’, some friends and I will be retreating, and more than anything else, I will be seeking the peace and comfort that comes only from time to hear myself think, breathe deeply and pray. 243 more words


When Mommy Goes On A Road Trip

As I drove solo down the highway, going a little faster than usual, I thought about how things that really should not be fun, seem super fun and/or relaxing when you are a mom and you get to do them without your kids. 626 more words