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I've been discontinued.

So, I signed this petition (I’ve been signing petitions lately.). This one is by 18 Million Rising because American Girl® doll cancelled their only Asian American doll… 596 more words


Who's a Basic Bitch?

“Friends don’t let friends be basic.”

Such was the caption to a video that a guy I’m friends with on Facebook wrote. The title of the video was “How to Know if You’re a Basic Bitch.” The guy posting it, you should know, is a guy I once went out with. 728 more words


It's Been a Good Week

It’s been an eventful week and I’m really enjoying having more control over my schedule. I’ve started work on one of my contracts, the other will be starting imminently and I’ve been able to work on some other projects. 239 more words


Do you like you? 'Try'

One of the biggest fears I have for my kids is around surviving their school-aged years. Being a girl is hard and there are so many pressures put on us by society and celebrity and media and, more importantly, each other. 1,023 more words

Music Monday

"When a girl is wearing shorts, everything about her changes, even the way she sits changes!"

Here’s a video I intend to watch with Brat Three this afternoon. Please do watch.

What does it mean to do something “like a girl”? 274 more words

Indian Homemaker

Being a girl

Ever since I came out to my friend, I’ve been trying to explore the LGBT world even though I was interested in it before I even realised I was bi. 889 more words

It isn't my story to tell.

Families are strange.  How many 80’s faux-drama, prime time television shows began with that phrase?  Families are strange.

I am the oldest of three children.  I am followed by a brother and a sister.  2,025 more words

Being A Girl