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[Me and My Lists] Part 3: Love Makes It Easy

Love makes it easy to feel like a woman.  When you’re in love, your heart races.  You flush.  You feel small and fragile and precious.   666 more words


Some Little Things That Can be Annoying as a Girl

I’m not giving out about being a girl, let me make that clear. I am merely highlighting some observations that I think are pretty much only irritating to us ladies. 66 more words

This world ain' nothing but suffering in between cheesecakes and cryfests.

Because I hate feeling good, I like to come up with lists of wretched things when I’m in the good and caring hands of a masseuse or my pedicurist. 261 more words



Temptations. It’s all around us. Today, I’ll be writing about my three most biggest temptations.

1. Eating

As a girl, it’s probably normal of me to want to be thin and pretty. 294 more words

Being a girl

I don’t know if this is just me, but I struggled to grasp the concept that all girls, apparently, should know. I couldn’t braid hair until I was 19 years old, it takes me about an hour to paint my right hand if I want it to look remotely lovely, I never carry a brush, nail file, or make up with me when I go out of the house, and I couldn’t properly apply eyeliner until the end of high school. 193 more words

the misunderstood goddess...

There was once a misunderstood goddess.

I will take a moment to let that stick in, I know down there you aren’t used to admitting that godessess walk among you. 427 more words


Is appearance everything?

Does wearing makeup and putting a little effort into my hair and outfit make me feminine or more of a girl? Same goes for a guy? 799 more words

That's Not Ladylike