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Still a Bloody Rookie

I have never been able to use tampons successfully. It never really bothered me until a few months ago when I was caught panties red in a mall public bathroom, where there was a machine that dispensed only tampons. 1,796 more words


Have you ever read a book that feels tailor made for you? Like someone hopped inside your brain, picked out exactly what you love in a book, and then actually took the time to write said book?

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Evening Thoughts

Being a girl can be quite stressful really. I’m always looking for that good balance but never quite finding it. I want to be that cool awesome don’t-care-about-nuthin’ girl. 218 more words

Daily Musings

Shopping Guilt

Yesterday I did something I never do: I went shopping. Not food shopping, not pressie shopping, but actually buying things for me. And how did this make me feel? 303 more words


the greatest compliment

I recently went out and was told that me being completely ready / covered all base / fresh and clean and soft etc. was the greatest compliment. 89 more words

Who I Am

I recently confided in a coworker how fed up I’m getting with my current job and that I’m looking to move on to something new. Earlier today that coworker came in to ask me more details about the kind of job I was looking for because she might know of an opening coming up. 888 more words

My Journey