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On Writing: The Headache at the Base of My Skull

I have a headache. It’s at the base of my skull and the pain is radiating down my spine. My shoulders ache.

The cause? Stress. … 152 more words

Everbody's working for the weekend

It’s a topic my husband and I have discussed often: would we still work if we won the lottery. My answer is always yes, but my work isn’t exactly a daily grind. 206 more words



So, I was going to write on my StrawFeminist blog today to make up for my schedule, but I realized that the schedule is set up the way it is for a purpose. 191 more words

Being A Writer

Ancient Australia Unearthed: using archaeology to teach Australia's ancient history

Delve into Australia’s ancient past with this accessible and beautifully illustrated history book. Learn about one of the world’s greatest stories of isolation, resilience and survival. 76 more words


Life is a blank page, ready for a story.

It is unlike someone like me, quite a cynical individual, to say such a thing, but I was thinking today. But, amongst all the stress and the being poor, the revision and the personal troubles. 375 more words


I'm new here

You probably don’t know me, and that’s ok, welcome to my journey.  I’m Alison, a 38 year old wanna be writer.

I have always known somewhere inside me I was a writer. 148 more words

Being A Writer


I’ve decided that it’s finally time to come back. I’ve been gone for so long from this beautiful world of writing and I desperately miss it (that, and it’s the only thing that really keeps me sane). 344 more words

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