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Weekend WIP #4: Balancing Time

This week I’ve had a slight lull in my writing — our new tenancy has begun, we’re setting dates for the official move in, and my job is changing form. 112 more words

Being A Writer

Five Minute Friday - Finish

It’s been too long since I did Five Minute Friday… five minutes of unedited, non stop writing on a given theme. Since I’m in a bad mood and am ready to rant about something, today’s theme ‘FINISH’ is just the word I’m looking for!  276 more words

Five MInute Friday

A Target to Aim For: Importance of Goal-Setting

At the end of last year, I signed up to do the WriteChain challenge. The idea was to build up a “chain” of links — daily challenges — to get used to a consistent practise. 258 more words

Being A Writer

Finding Time to Write in College [Guest Post]

Hello, everyone!

I haven’t been posting lately because school’s been eating most of my time. With this school year being my last one and all, things are at their toughest and time is at its shortest. 1,234 more words

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At the weekend, I had the pleasure of meeting a woman whom I had met before, years ago, but whose path hadn’t crossed with mine since. 987 more words


Weekend WIP #3: Copy Editing (for Content)

Thursday night, after 3 weeks ‘in the drawer’, I took Planes Shifter out and began to read through it – with a new ally: Track Changes. 443 more words

Being A Writer

Giving Clarity to a Story

The point of storytelling is to allow the audience to experience things that aren’t of themselves, to let them go on an adventure. It’s harder for readers to do that if it’s difficult for them to understand the writing, and lack of clarity is often the reason readers put down a book. 439 more words