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About (Winter) Time

The Oxford Dictionaries’ 2013 word of the year was “selfie,” which describes the now ubiquitous photos taken with one of the subject’s arms outstretched, not unlike a zombie’s, as he or she snaps his or her own photo with a cell phone camera. 3,315 more words

Lacking Societal Lubricant

Sometimes I feel I have lived a thousand lives and all of those lives I have done what I have wanted, when and how I wanted. 522 more words


How Hard Is It Really?

To write something?

To put one word in front of the other and form a sentence?

I just did it.  Twice.  Easy peasy.

I thought something, I typed out the words, and there you have it. 153 more words


“Being a writer is not the point. Writing is.”

–Mohsin Hamid

A Love Affair With Words

I have this fascination, this addiction, this passion, this hatred, this frustration and this absolute necessity in my life. It takes the form of words; strings of vowels and consonants jiggling together in word-necklaces. 620 more words


The Whole Story, Part 4

Ridgewood: The Whole Story

Created by Steven L Campbell

The Quest

Around us in air, water, land and fire, there are realms that for the most part go unseen by many.

3,479 more words

Early Morning Musings: Why Semi-Wakefulness Is Conducive To Creativity

There is a special time of day when I love to write. It is the time shortly after awakening from a blissful slumber, a time in which the subconscious and conscious mind are still doing a slow dance; tenderly intertwined and moving in perfect harmony. 343 more words