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Being Reborn

Today I went to the beach. Actually, I’ve gone to the beach pretty much everyday for the past week and a half because when you live nowhere near it, you’ve gotta mooch off that gorgeousness. 371 more words

Dallas Blogger

Anatomy of passion

I feel passion is the single most potent force that rules this world and is the reason man has come way ahead of himself and his limitations to discover, invent and explore the impossible. 507 more words


Graduation Day!!!

It was an amazing day and everything was perfect! The best people were with me, by my side, to see my happiness and excitement. Couple months earlier I would say: … 69 more words


Never Lose it

I’d forgotten what it feels like. What it feels like to be happy and sad and still wonder how that could be. I’d forgotten what it felt like to be so uncertain, so nervous of an outcome that you feel as if you might burst at that very emotionally charged instant; like a Victoria’s day firework, glittering in hope and filled with bursting dreams and desires. 244 more words

What Makes it Worth It (Part 3)

Yesterday, I was on the cash register when I saw an older man walk in the door. Gray hair, distinctive face, green plaid shirt–I recognized him immediately. 452 more words


What Makes It Worth It (Part 1)

You are driving down the road on a rainy day…the windshield wipers swish back and forth across the glass and droplets skirt down the passenger window…car headlights reflect on the shiny black pavement that blurs the white and yellow lines together…a wave of water rides against your door as you hit the muddy-puddly area between the median and the road…Maybe you are listening to sad country songs that talk about lost love and broken hearts, or to instrumental, dramatic indie music (more my type) that speaks about rising from the ashes. 349 more words


trying to drum up some enthusiasm


for doing things, i mean. 

yesterday i met up with a guy who i first met in a gay naked clubnight. i gave him my gaydar name and he found me there and asked if we can meet. 718 more words