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Make Something: Uniform

“Design a uniform for a job that doesn’t normally have one.”

My third grader and I discussed this prompt today after school. Emma suggested that I create a… 273 more words

Being Creative

10 Things Only Creative People Will Understand

1. We are a breed apart

Yes, that’s right! We do not belong in a circle of “normal” people. Creative people, or as I’d like to call them “Creatives” tend to have the most vivid ideas about anything and everything under the sun. 938 more words

Real Beauty (Poem)

A picture of perfection,
The ideal smile and laugh,
You are an image of absolute joy,
The very idea of what we all should be. 123 more words

Being Creative

Not Much Is Going On

Things are really quiet.

I have vowed to myself that after I process the day’s information, I am going to not use the things I’m addicted to — Twitter and Web access logs — until I have to do my “job” later in the day. 186 more words


Make Something: Winged

Today’s make something assignment was to add wings, fur, or a tail to something.

I guess I’m feeling good about building people’s confidence through my coaching relationships and the classes I teach on business writing. 11 more words

Being Creative

Chaotic Musings (Poem)

A sickness you say,
Do you have it,
No I don’t,
Just admit,
That is half the battle.

Being Creative